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Learn How Print on Demand Benefits Inventory Control

Learn How Print on Demand Benefits Inventory Control

Print on Demand

We have been asked dozens of times, “How Print on Demand Benefits Inventory Control.”  You will learn in the following article.

Print marketing materials are still one of the best ways to raise awareness of your services. According to a survey from FedEx, four out of five small business owners say that print marketing helps them stand out among the competition.

Our world may be increasingly digital, but there’s something about the feel of print that enhances trust and appeal. What you might not know is that you can get all the benefits of print marketing while keeping costs under control by using print on demand companies. Learn what print on demand is, how print on demand works, and the benefits of print on demand for inventory control.

What is Print on Demand?

What is print on demand?

Print on demand is a custom printing process. The need determines the print run size. Print orders are planned as they come in, rather than guaranteed before the print run is determined.

Let’s say that you have a customer in another state that you have been supplying print material, in this case, it is informational healthcare books.  You normally would order the yearly quantity in this case 50,000 books.  Now, with print on demand, you only order what is needed at the time maybe 2,000 books.

In other words, if you normally print 50,000 books per year and these are kept in inventory until a quantity is needed but you end up throwing away 12,000 because you didn’t need them, it will be reflected in your budget. Not with print on demand.

The print on demand model was developed after digital printing. Before then it would not have been economically feasible for a printer to set up for a job to print a small quantity.

With print on demand, files can be printed as needed, when needed, and only in quantity required — even if it’s a small quantity. Since the file is saved, documents can be printed any time without extra work or costs on the part of the print shop or you, the business owner.

Cutting back on print paper comes with financial and environmental incentives.

Another benefit of print on demand is you can get paper marketing materials for that important brochure or updated healthcare material without worrying about the need to meet traditional printing order minimums.

It’s easier to maintain a print inventory with print on demand because you can see your existing print stock at a glance and order precisely what you need saving you money.

Print-on-demand benefits all sorts of printed materials, not just marketing materials. For healthcare and medical fields, print on demand is practical for informational, and customer service oriented print campaigns, such as pamphlets or books that explain the benefits of a given health insurance plan.

Healthcare and insurance companies can also create customized printed documents for their customers, including EOBs.  Just be sure that your data is sent through a secure FTP site,

With the traditional printing process, the setup costs represent a large portion of the total job costs. The cost is amortized over the total print run, so it’s a marginal cost per item printed. With digital printing, there’s not as much to set up, so it becomes cost-effective to do smaller jobs that would not be economically feasible with the traditional printing process.

The benefits of a small print run carry over to inventory and management, as well. For example, consider a large print job, where your business must order dozens of boxes of material, which then sit around in storage until your company uses them. If you have enough storage space onsite, then you can store items in your building. If you don’t have enough storage space, your business will need to assume warehousing costs to pay for physical inventory.

Switching to print on demand reduces inventory accounting, storage costs, handling costs, and waste.

How to Print on Demand

Now that you know the benefits of print on demand, you might be wondering how print on demand works.
The process starts well before printing. At Preferred Direct we want to make sure that your graphic design and the finished product looks great. Also, that it will meet your needs, and that the work is cost-effective.

We offer a range of printing services with or without variable data. We offer binding and finishing solutions and we will always talk through the options with you so you know how to get the look you need for each print job.

We are a very hands-on printing provider, so we work one-on-one with all of our clients through the design and fulfillment process. We’ll make sure you understand all of the factors that affect the print job, so you know what variables affect the quality of the product or our approach to keeping your sensitive information secure.

We are HIPPA Compliant and HITRUST (CSF) Certified

When everything is ready, we’ll do the print job for you. Online proofs and tracking are available through our secure FTP site.

How Print on Demand Affects Inventory Control

Inventory management may not be something you give much thought to, but print-on-demand offers significant inventory control benefits over the traditional print process.Inventory Control

As mentioned above, the traditional print model comes with a high setup cost. For high-volume items, where you know the materials will move before they become dated, traditional printing may be the right choice.

There’s another result from the traditional process, which is high amounts of waste. If you over-estimate the number of copies you will need for a brochure or flyer; then you could be left with boxes of material that are soon outdated. Companies often don’t question the drawbacks of the print model — or how the waste impacts their bottom line by tying up capital.

The quality of digital printing has improved, where printed products now rival the quality of offset printed items. As a small business, whether you’re in financial, health, or nonprofit sectors, it’s never been a better time to use print-on-demand services. The costs per-unit comparable to traditional print jobs, but the financial savings and inventory control benefits exceed what regular printing offers.

Inventory control shows you at a glance how many copies of print items you have. You can check how much stock you have and order additional copies either as often as you need or when you hit minimum stock levels.

With inventory control, your business will always have the right number of copies in the right place when needed — say, for an upcoming brochure mailing. By ordering low quantities, you can keep costs affordable while reducing the expense of the item storage and disposal.


When you’re relying on print on demand to keep inventory levels low, you need a supplier who will be able to deliver orders efficiently and effectively. Inventory control will ensure the customer never runs out. Many print shops can complete a job in anywhere from one to three days, once you’ve done the initial setup work of creating and refining the order. At Preferred Direct, we work with businesses in a range of industries, including education, nonprofit, medical, and insurance. To get a quote for printing services, or to learn more about what sets us apart from other printing companies, contact us today. Call Toll-Free: 1.844.719.1848.

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Does Your Company Support Charities? Print Marketing Is a Great Way to Show Support

Does Your Company Support Charities? Print Marketing Is a Great Way to Show Support

Many companies donate to and support charities. Are you looking for ways to raise money for your choice charities? Are you wanting to brand your business as a philanthropic organization? Direct mail marketing creates one of the best fundraising opportunities for charities. You can work with charitable organizations to promote both the charity and your business at the same time.

sponsor charities and promote them with print marketing

Supporting charities doesn’t have to be restricted to monetary donations. You can also support your choice charities by tying them into your current marketing campaigns, or creating new campaigns based on the charity. It is very beneficial for companies to support charities. Here’s why:


Benefits of Supporting a Charity

  • Charitable image – Your company shows commitment and interest in your community and in the well-being of humanity when it sponsors a charitable organization.
  • Increased visibility – By sponsoring charitable organizations and their events, your company’s name and logo appear in more places, increasing your visibility to potential customers.
  • Networking – Attending charitable organization events introduces your company to others that support the charity and can lead to networking opportunities.
  • Tax deductions – Your business receives tax deductions when supporting a charity. You can deduct up to 50 percent of your Adjusted Gross Income, but be sure to check with a tax professional for regulations.
  • Build stronger relationships with your customers – Your customers will like that your business is charitable and therefore will feel better about supporting your company.


Ways to Tie Charities Into Your Marketing

You can make your charitable organization partnership beneficial to both the charity and your business through cross-promotional marketing.

companies support charities with print marketingHere are a few cross-promotional marketing ideas:

  • Promotional months – Does your company support a breast cancer charity, diabetes charity, or a pet charity? There are months in the year that are specifically designated for these types of charities. Breast Cancer Awareness Month, American Diabetes Month, and National Dog Adoption Month are examples of months designed for charities. Find ways to promote your business and theirs by tying marketing campaigns to these promotional months.
  • Give back on every sale – You can advertise a product or service and pledge giving back x amount of dollars to the charity.
  • Sell tickets for charitable events – To increase your business’s online and/or physical traffic, sell tickets for your choice charity’s events.
  • Coupons – Give the charity coupons for your business’s products or services to distribute as added value for their donors. Added value can help the charity keep or entice new donors while giving your business exposure.


Types of Direct Marketing and Print Marketing You Can Use to Support Charities

Whether you are tying in a charitable organization to a current promotion you have, or sending out information on your own products or services and mentioning the charity, direct marketing is a great way to benefit both the charity and your business.

Here are ways to use print marketing to support your choice charities:

Direct Mail – Let your customers or potential customers know about your cross-promotional charitable events, campaigns, products or services through direct mail. Direct mail is one of the top ways charities fundraise, and your company can attract business and/or build your company’s reputation by using the same means.

Transpromo Marketing – Are you sending out statements to your customers? You can generously add an advertisement for the charities you support on your statements without spending additional money on postage. You can also promote cross-promotional charitable events or campaigns.

Newsletters –  Mention the charities you support in your newsletters. Whether you send out e-newsletters or mail out newsletters, you can support your choice charity, or let your customers know about cross-promotional events or marketing campaigns.

Coupons and/or TicketsPrint coupons and or tickets for charitable or cross-promotional events.


Preferred Direct provides print marketing and direct marketing opportunities for businesses and charities. Find a list of services here. For a quick online quote, click here or call toll-free 1-844-719-1848.



At Preferred Direct, we make sure to keep your cost down. You will have a project manager who keeps your print jobs on track. Our project managers stay on top of your print jobs and can answer any questions you have along the way. We even provide emergency print services for those fast approaching deadlines. We also provide tracking so you can be assured that your shipment is arriving in a timely manner. One of our printers is the Xerox Impika®, a top-of-the-line machine that prints quality materials fast, ultimately saving you time and money. When choosing a commercial printing company, you can count on Preferred Direct to be cost effective, speedy, and customer-friendly.

Call us toll-free today at 1-844-719-1848 or click here for an online quote.



Images courtesy of by David Castillo Dominici (Philanthropy) and aechan (Sponsor)

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How to Save Money on Your Commercial Printing

There are many ways to save money on commercial printing, but you want to make sure you’re not sacrificing quality over cost. To make sure you have a quality-finished piece that fits your budget, you need a printer with the most up-to-date equipment and technology.

You want:

  • The best-in-class high-resolution print quality
  • To print anything from transactional print jobs to graphic art quality prints.
  • Your choice in paper from uncoated, inkjet matte and silk papers, and glossy inkjet coated.
  • Maximum uptime, reduced waste and reduce production costs.
  • To save money!

Finding ways to save money is at the forefront of many business administrators, so is it really possible for commercial printing to save your company money? The Xerox Impika® can, but why should you care about one printer over another? You should when it gives you high quality, at fast speeds and lower costs. That saves you money on your commercial printing!

What does this mean to your company?

Commercial Printing
A Streamlined Process: It means the best possible return on your investment, you. The entire process of printing transactional statements, A4 booklets, or variable data mail pieces is completely streamlined with maximum uptime, reduce production costs and reduced waste. Those savings are transferred to your company when the Xerox Impika® is utilized.

Drop On Demand Technology: This further enhances cost savings by only using the amount of ink needed for the commercial print job, no more and no less. This cost saving process does not mean that print quality suffers as a result. Instead, it uses only what is necessary to create the finished product that is needed by the commercial printing customer.

collate and assemble

Various Printing Applications: This printer is fast and can handle any transactional, TransPromo, direct mail or book printing applications.

Personalized, Custom Printing: Variable data has been shown to increase open rates and will set your company apart from your competition. Mailings are personalized from your company’s database and target only the customers desired by your company. Specialized texts and graphics can also be included, and let’s not forget the option for full color printing. All of these make it easier to read and get your company’s message to your customer base.

To sum it all up, you want

  • Lower costs
  • Quick turnaround
  • Terrific digital print quality
  • Duplex printing
  • Paper choices
  • And you want it at the best price.

With the Xerox Impika®, you can save money on your commercial printing. It is truly the best choice when it comes to a large print job that your company needs completed quickly, accurately but with excellent print quality.

Preferred Direct was the first to have the Xerox Impika® in the United States. It is important to us that we have the up-to-date technology and equipment to handle your printing needs. Click here to learn more about the Xerox Impika® and how your project manager at Preferred Direct can work with you throughout the entire printing process.



At Preferred Direct, we make sure to keep your cost down. You will have a project manager who keeps your print jobs on track. Our project managers stay on top of your print jobs and can answer any questions you have along the way. We even provide emergency print services for those fast approaching deadlines. We also provide tracking so you can be assured that your shipment is arriving in a timely manner. One of our printers is the Xerox Impika®, a top-of-the-line machine that prints quality materials fast, ultimately saving you time and money. When choosing a commercial printing company, you can count on Preferred Direct to be cost effective, speedy, and customer-friendly.

Call us toll-free today at 1-844-719-1848 or click here for an online quote.


Image of man holding paper courtesy of by hyena reality


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Your Top 3 Concerns When It Comes to Choosing a Commercial Printing Company

Make sure they meet Your Expectations

Commercial Printing

Outsourcing any job can be nerve-racking, especially for commercial printing. The finished product reflects your company’s brand and message. The time it saves you, though, is worth it, especially if you pick the right company.

When you send a job to a commercial printer, you are counting on them to make a quality product that reflects your company and meets your important deadline. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top 3 concerns when it comes to choosing commercial printing, and what commercial printing companies should be doing to meet and exceed your expectations.


Your Top 3 Concerns When It Comes to Choosing a Commercial Printing Company


  1. Cost

  2. Late Deliveries

  3. Poor Customer Service



When selecting a commercial printing company, one of the first things you need to consider is cost. Is the printer affordable? Does the company offer different printing options to cater to your budget? Is the quality of the print material compromised because of cost?

You should select a commercial printer that keeps its cost low due to the efficiency of the printing process. This means selecting a printer which uses the latest in printing, sorting and finishing technology. When the cost of print project is low due to efficiency, the quality of your print materials is not compromised. You receive the best product for the best price, and as a bonus, you receive your items faster.Commercial Printing and Fulfillment Services


Late Deliveries

Companies rely on commercial printing for many different reasons, including marketing, billing, and print materials for the day-to-day functioning of your business. Therefore, it is crucial that it is done effectively and efficiently. If a marketing item goes out late it could mean the difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful campaign. If bills go out late, you don’t get paid in a timely fashion.

A reputable commercial printing company will always deliver your materials promptly. They will keep in touch, so you know the status of your order. It is important that a commercial printer allows you to track your order, and updates you on each stage of the printing and delivery process.


Poor Customer Service

Commercial Printing Customer ServiceAre you struggling to get someone on the phone? Do you have questions regarding your project? Do you need help selecting materials and the best printing method for your project? Some online printing companies will communicate via email or chat, but they don’t always have someone available over the phone. Poor customer service makes it more difficult for you, their customer.

When selecting a commercial printing company, you need to find a company that has project manager assigned to your company and project. A project manager can help you select what methods of printing are best for each project, and they can help you find the most cost effective way to print and deliver your job. Project managers can offer updates on the status of your project and communicate any issues that arise to keep your project moving forward in a timely fashion.



At Preferred Direct, we make sure to keep your cost down. You will have a project manager who keeps your print jobs on track. Our project managers stay on top of your print jobs and can answer any questions you have along the way. We even provide emergency print services for those fast approaching deadlines. We also provide tracking so you can be assured that your shipment is arriving in a timely manner. One of our printers is the Xerox Impika®, a top-of-the-line machine that prints quality materials fast, ultimately saving you time and money. When choosing a commercial printing company, you can count on Preferred Direct to be cost effective, speedy, and customer-friendly.


Call us toll-free today at 1-844-719-1848 or click here for an online quote.


Images courtesy of by Stuart Miles (print) and stockimages (packages and customer service.)


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Print Marketing Can Help Build Your Company’s Brand


What sets your company apart from its competitors?

Is your company name recognizable?



Branding is an important aspect of growing and maintaining a business. Find out how Print Marketing helps companies with branding.


Print Marketing

Build Your Company’s Brand with Print Marketing

Every day, people are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages from email, texts, feeds, social media, advertisements and more. It can be overwhelming, making it hard for companies to be noticed. Your company needs to break through all of the noise and be seen by the consumer. The first step is to consistently brand your company.

Some industries that benefit from a cohesive branding campaign across print and marketing:

Healthcare – The healthcare industry requires constant communication between providers, patients and insurance companies.

Insurance Carriers – Insurance companies need to educate and communicate with consumers.

Financial Services – The financial services industry needs to communicate with shareholders and investors.

Colleges & Universities – Targeted marketing direct mail campaigns can help you find prospective students, fundraise, and keep in contact with Alumni.

Business & Services Industries – Whether you are in retail or hospitality, provide goods or services, you need to get the word out to a targeted group of consumers about your company.

It’s time to concentrate on branding your company, and print marketing can be a good place to start. Whether it’s brochures for your sales team, e-statements for your customers or fundraising materials, your company’s brand can benefit from a consistent and professional image.


Why is branding important? What can you do to integrate your brand in your print products?

Offset Printing

Print pieces in a campaign should not only sell your products or services, but they should also build your company’s image. This can be done with print marketing using your company logo, a tagline and a color pallet the same way every time.

Your company colors should be the same. Your logo should be sized correctly. When these marketing elements are used clearly and consistently, your company will look the same everywhere it appears. That’s called branding.


Examples of print marketing products that convey your brand can include:

  • Business cards, letterhead, brochures, envelopes and folders.
  • Direct mail campaigns including postcards, catalogs, and letters.
  • Press releases on company letterhead.
  • Promotional items such as cups, pens, and notepads. Customers will use your branded items in their life and provide passive referrals.
  • Banners and posters for large-scale events.
  • Apparel for your employees with the branded color scheme, logo and marketing message.

Your branding should become the way of life at your company, from answering the phone to how your business cards look. Make your message clear to your customers with a clear and strong branding campaign.

Branding and Print Marketing

“Branding is fundamental. Branding is basic. Branding is essential. Building

brands builds incredible value for companies and corporations.” As Scott Goodson for states, branding is essential to businesses and brands mean money.

Think of some recent company acquisitions like Cadbury and Range Rover. Were these companies bought for having the best chocolate or being the best SUV? No, they were valued and purchased because their brand has been developed and refined and is recognized worldwide.

Benefits of branding include:

  • Brands are recognizable regardless of language
  • Brands outlast product cycles
  • Brands bring a cohesive element to all your marketing and print
  • Brands express experiences, quality and trust
  • Brands differentiate you from your competitors
  • Brands motivate and direct your employees
  • Brands generate customer referrals
  • Brands can connect emotionally with customers
  • Brands create value for your business

Branding goes beyond your company’s logo. It encompasses the entire customer experience and how your customer perceives your company. Whether you’re in the healthcare, insurance, financial or services industry, your brand can differentiate you from the rest of the field.


Call or click for a quote. (757) 461-2730 or Toll Free 1-844-719-1848



Preferred Direct provides high-quality, high-quantity, fast and personalized direct marketing services including: printing services, fulfillment services, fundraising services, direct mail marketing, direct billing and emergency on demand printing services. From design to finishing and mailing, Preferred Direct takes care to make sure they deliver high-quality products that can help increase your company’s ROI.

Call or click for a quote. (757) 461-2730 or Toll Free 1-844-719-1848


Images courtesy of by Stuart Miles (Brand cards), Suwit Ritjaroon (Brand in hand)

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Commercial Printing Services

Commercial printingPreferred Direct provides commercial printing services to a wide range of industries, locally, nationwide and across the globe. With integrated marketing products, we help businesses communicate with their customers and market to new customers. At the same time, we know how to work with your inventory budget with our print on demand roll-fed printers. Regardless of your industry and type of business, we have the history and experience to provide your company with high-quality commercial printing products built for your business.

Preferred Direct can help you to streamline your marketing and communication while lowering your inventory cost by using our print-on-demand production model. Our equipment allows us to fulfill even the highest volume jobs all with variable data. Whether you need 10,000 pieces or over a million, we have the commercial printing equipment and services you need for your company.


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