Print On Demand Services

At Preferred Direct, we offer fast, next-day turnaround Print on Demand services on select jobs. When your company needs a print job done quickly, you need a commercial printing company that provides print on demand services, efficiently and on budget. With Preferred Direct, your company can be confident you are receiving the best color or black and white print products and finishing options, without the wait.

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On-Demand Printing Options:

Preferred Direct offers all of our printing services, as a print on demand service – learn more about how this process works, here. Our fast, turnaround times and superior customer service ensures you get quality print products in the time frame you need it.

Print On Demand Technology

Our ability to provide high-quality print on demand emergency services is due to our industry-leading equipment. Our equipment list includes the Konica Minolta C1100 and 1250, Impika®, HP-T240, Heidelberg offset presses, sophisticated file handling equipment, digital scanners and printers and a well equipped in-house bindery system that offers all types of binding options. This means fast, high quality printing so you can communicate with your customers in no time. 

    Finishing Services

    Preferred Direct provides Bindery & Finishing services for all of your commercial printing needs. Whether your emergency project requires binding, collating, scoring, die cutting, folding or other services, we have the skills, technology and experience to deliver a superb full color print product that looks professional and is ready to distribute. 

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    Preferred Project Managers are ready when you are to deliver quality print on demand services that save you time, money and resources—so you can get back to the business of serving your customers. 

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