5 Pro Tips for Your Annual Company Newsletter

In the world of business, annual company newsletters are the best source of distributing a company’s journey over the past year. These annual reports have become far more than just a measure of successes in numbers. Companies have used these newsletters to showcase achievements and company growth, highlight employees, share customer stories and testimonies, as well as future company goals and aspirations.

Are you new to the world of business marketing? Here’s a few tips from the Print & Mail Pros at Preferred Direct to ensure your next company newsletter captivates your shareholders, customers, employees and beyond.

#1 Use Engaging Visuals! saddle stitch printing booklet

Nothing will lose a team’s attention faster than looking at a company report of words and bullet points. Incorporating strong visuals such as photos, charts, graphs, and infographics make data and content more digestible. If possible, try to use real photos of your headquarters, team members and customers. A stock photo can be easy to spot and makes it less relatable. It’s important to incorporate your company colors throughout your report to always reinforce your brand message and look. Annual reports don’t need to be boring! Contact Preferred Direct for a design consultation and we’ll help you ideate your next  company newsletter for top ROI.

#2 Make Your Company Newsletter Personal

An important aspect when it comes to your company newsletter is to be open and honest about your company health. Take this as an opportunity to showcase your successes and achievements, environmental/social initiatives, key milestones, and noteworthy events. This is also a good place to provide an overview of financial achievements such as profits and revenue. Alternatively, incorporating lessons learned and other shortcomings can show company transparency, inspiring loyalty and helping prevent larger loss in the future. By sharing future plans and strategies, along with potential challenges, you can add a personal touch to your company newsletter that help empower and inform your greatest assets – your employees and supporters.

#3 Keep it Clean & Organized

To ensure your message is received accurately, the content must be clean and structured to be easy to read. Not everyone reading your company newsletter is an executive or even a tenured team member, make sure to use easy-to

Company newsletter pagination services-understand verbiage and visuals so readers of all professional levels can follow along.  Using easy-to-read typography, incorporating sections and titles, and having a clear strategy to your newsletter is imperative. Contact the Preferred Direct team for pagination services.

#4 Make it Professional

We’ve all gone to events where you end up with a handful of brochures you never even look at. Make your annual reports stand out with professional bindery and finishing options from Preferred Direct! We offer spiral bound, perfect bound, and saddle stitch binding, along with the printing and mailing of your newsletter. Your board members, shareholders, employees, customers, and donors deserve a professional polished print they can take pride in.

#5 Embrace Digital!

Embracing the digital world allows viewers to access  your annual newsletter more readily and at their own pace.  With the increase of individuals using their phones to view professional documents, having a digital copy of your annualcompany newsletter binging and finishing report can help spread your message even further. Using Preferred Direct’s email marketing service, you can share the digital newsletter, as well as grow your direct mail newsletter list annually. You can also combine print and digital mediums by using QR codes in your printed company newsletters that link to special landing pages. Contact our team to learn more.

Now that you understand your newsletter is more than just a transfer of information down the chain of command – it’s a strategic communication tool for multiple audiences. Let’s get started!

preferred directAt Preferred Direct we offer a wide range of services that will set your annual reports apart from the rest. Our skilled designers and state-of-the-art equipment provide what you need to achieve a professional look and the consistent branding your company deserves. From pagination to distribution, we can design, print, and mail your next annual company newsletter, from start to finish. Contact us to get started today.

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