Print-on-Demand: A Game-Changer for Economical Print


Businesses and entrepreneurs alike are constantly seeking ways to streamline their processes and reduce costs. More and more companies are moving away from traditional mass printing methods with large print runs, substantial overhead expenses, and the risk of unsold inventory. With the emergence of the Print-on-Demand (POD) through digital printing technology, customers now have a more economic and efficient solution for their mass printing needs. Preferred Direct, an industry-leading print, direct mail, and digital communications partner, is proud to offer Print on Demand services to customers throughout North America. In this blog, we will explore this lean printing technique, how it works and its advantages and applications for businesses today.

What is Print on Demand (POD)?

Print on demand (POD) is a business model and printing technology that allows companies to print products in small quantities. The key concept behind the growing success of print on demand is that products are printed or manufactured only when they are ordered, reducing the need for large, upfront inventory and associated costs. Here are some of its unique advantages:

Reduce Costs & Waste

print on demand

Traditional printing often entails substantial upfront costs for mass orders and the risk and burden of storing inventory. With Print-on-Demand, customers can eliminate these overhead costs by printing copies in smaller batches over their contract lifetime. While the per-unit cost of Print-on-Demand books may be slightly higher than bulk offset printing, the overall cost savings come from avoiding warehousing and waste costs.

Companies and entrepreneurs can maintain a manageable inventory of print collateral at a time and order more (or less) throughout their contract, reducing the financial risk of unpredictable sales or fails. Talk to your print partner to understand lead times, order minimums, payment terms and more. Preferred Direct’s digital printing and finishing services ensure your books, catalogs, documents and more remain available without the need for extensive storage space or the risk of obsolete inventory.

Economic Self-Publishing

Print-on-Demand is an economic and accessible option for independent authors and small publishers. With the rise of entrepreneurs selling print products direct on platforms like Amazon and Facebook, Print-on-Demand can help the average author get to official publisher level. While traditional offset printing may not be cost-effective for those with limited resources or those who don’t need large print runs, currently. This democratization of mass printing has expanded the range of voices and content available to consumers, and Preferred Direct is here to support entrepreneurs on this exciting journey!

Rapid Turnaround

Time is of the essence in the world of business. Print-on-Demand technology allows for quick turnaround times, enabling orders to be anticipated, printed, and shipped to customers within days. This rapid response reduces lead times and allows for faster printing and delivery. With Print-on-Demand, the printer and customer must have a relationship based on communication to strategically print as needed.

Customization and Personalization

Considering you are printing in small batches, clients can make updates and revisions to each run with Preferred Direct’s variable data and digital printing technology. This feature is particularly useful for educational materials, corporate publications, and political or niche markets, giving you the flexibility to tailor your content as things change.


print on demand

Print-on-Demand takes a lean approach to publications and is more environmentally friendly than traditional printing. Bulk printing can result in significant paper, energy, transportation, and resource waste when books go unsold. POD reduces waste by printing only when there is a confirmed demand, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Print and Digital Integration

In this digital age, many companies now offer a combination of print and digital formats for their titles. POD can be seamlessly integrated with e-book distribution and other digital channels, providing readers with multiple options for accessing content.

Preferred Direct for POD

Preferred Direct offers Print-on-Demand solutions among our various print and finishing capabilities. We understand the quality, urgency, and logistics needed to successfully carry out a Print-on-Demand program for your print campaign. Whether you are a business, an entrepreneur, an author, or a publisher, Preferred Direct has the experience to print and deliver your products, on time and on budget. Contact Preferred Direct today to discover how our Print-on-Demand technology can transform your operations to be efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.

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