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Kickstart Your Accountant Marketing with Direct Mail

Kickstart Your Accountant Marketing with Direct Mail

Kickstart Your Accountant Marketing with Direct Mail

With various tax and annual report deadlines quickly approaching, it’s important to find creative ways to effectively engage your tax and finance clients. Using direct mail as part of your accountant marketing strategy can break through the e-junk clutter and increase sales! Direct mail campaigns provide a tangible and personalized approach, making them an ideal choice for promoting your tax and accounting related services.

Preferred Direct offers services that have helped Accountants nationwide with all 4 steps of their print marketing campaigns: designing, printing, finishing, and mailing. Here’s a comprehensive guide from the Accountant Marketing Experts at Preferred Direct on how to kickstart your marketing with direct mail:

 Define Your Target Tax AudienceEvery door direct mail accountant marketing

In order to properly define your target audience, you must identify your ideal clients and tailor your direct mail campaign to address their specific tax and/or finance needs. Consider demographics, location, industry, annual income, household type, and more when creating a targeted mailing list for accountant marketing. For example, let’s say you want to reach clients within 10 miles of your office, every door direct mail (EDDM) is a great option to promote your company to every single house or business within a desired area.  Contact Preferred Direct for assistance with EDDM.

Clearly communicate and adapt any special promotions, discounts, or unique offerings that set your business apart to the demographic you’re trying to reach. By defining your target audience properly, you can tailor your message to increase your return on investment (ROI).  For instance, for individuals with children or dependents, you can offer a discount for those filing with dependents. However, offering this family-friendly discount to the wrong audience could impact your campaign negatively and make single or childless recipients feel pushed away. That’s why personalization matters!

Campaign Personalization Matterspersonalization accountant marketing

Now that you know your target audience, you need to capture their attention on a personal level. Customizing your accountant marketing pieces to resonate with individual recipients will make them feel seen and understood, instilling trust in your business. By using variable data printing (VDP) technology, your print partner can incorporate personalized elements such as customer names, specific financial concerns, location landmarks, and other unique information based on the recipient’s profile. Learn more about Preferred Direct’s variable data printing services, here.

Direct Mail Designaccountant marketing direct mail design

It is essential to invest in a professional design that captivates the attention of your accounting clients. Bold brand colors, clear typography, and high-quality images make your direct mail pieces engaging and effective. Consider your printing options; Select your paper type; Black and white or full color print; One-sided or two-sided prints etc. By ensuring that key information is easily read and your branding is prominent, potential clients will know exactly who your company is, what you do and how to contact you.  Market additional accounting services in each campaign, such as financial planning, retirement & estate planning, etc., for potential upsells/cross sells and increased campaign ROI. View our infographic on key postcard elements for design tips for your next campaign.

At Preferred Direct, our graphic designers can create captivating artwork to help bring your accountant marketing to life and maximize your return. Ask about our add-on design services for your print and mail campaigns.

Incentives and Discounts

The best way to encourage engagement and to track your ROI is by including exclusive incentives or discounts that can be redeemed. When it comes to finances, clients strongly value professional guidance.  Tax Accountants can find success when providing a limited-time promotion, a special rate for first appointments, service coupons or a referral bonus in their direct mail campaigns. Educational resources to help clients understand their finances and possible tax implications are a great giveaway for accountant marketing campaigns as well. Direct mail incentives can boost response rates and create a sense of urgency bringing in leads sooner rather than later. Browse other direct marketing ideas in this blog.

Finish off by clearly stating what action you want recipients to take. Whether it’s scheduling an appointment, visiting your website, or calling for more information, a compelling call to action (CTA) is crucial for driving response rates. Especially with a time sensitive service like filing taxes! Use unique codes, dedicated phone numbers, or specific landing pages to measure response rates. Analyzing results allows you to refine future campaigns for better effectiveness.

Strategic Campaign Timingaccountant marketing strategic timing

Plan your direct mail campaigns to coincide with key accounting milestones. Consider sending initial teasers before tax season officially starts and follow up with reminders and additional promotions as the deadline approaches. College savings planning services in the fall or summer project accounting in the spring are all great accountant marketing campaigns to highlight throughout the seasons.

By following these steps, you can kickstart your accountant marketing with direct mail, ensuring that your message resonates with potential clients, at the perfect time.

 Preferred Direct: Experts in Accountant Marketingpreferred direct

Preferred Direct has over 35 years of experience as a second-generation family business working closely with financial organizations throughout the US. Our goal is to help maximize your company’s exposure and engagement this tax season. By making our VDP and direct mail services a part of your tax marketing, you partner with an experienced Print Partner capable of designing, printing, finishing and mailing your best campaign yet!

Let Preferred Direct take care of all your printing and fulfilment needs.  We are a HITRUST certified partner prioritizing the security of your sensitive customer and financial data. Contact us to discuss which secure print and mail services will be best for your accountant marketing needs.

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Maximizing Open Enrollment Success: 6 Key Print Materials Every Insurer Needs

Maximizing Open Enrollment Success: 6 Key Print Materials Every Insurer Needs

Maximizing Open Enrollment Success: 6 Key Print Materials Every Insurer Needs

Open enrollment is a crucial time for insurance companies to attract new members and retain existing ones. In the competitive marketplace, print insurance marketing remains a tried-and-true strategy for communicating your benefits and value to potential policyholders. In this blog, we’ll explore six essential insurance print materials to maximize open enrollment success and elevate member experience.

Direct Mail Open Enrollment:

Direct mail marketing remains a powerful tool for reaching new members and reminding existing ones during open enrollment. Postcards, mailers, letters, and advertisements come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to send personalized messages, promotions, renewals, and important information about insurance plans. Direct mail allows potential policyholders the time to review and research your offerings, directly or online. With Preferred Direct’s experience and technology in direct mail services, we’ll help you create eye-catching designs with a strong call to action and targeted audience to increase your campaign ROI.

Printed Newsletters:

open enrollment direct mailCreating a printed newsletter, with professional finishing such as saddle stitch binding, will certainly leave an impression. This print insurance marketing approach not only caters to a diverse demographic, including those who may prefer traditional communication methods but also makes it more likely to be noticed and retained. Including member benefit summaries, featured doctor and hospital news, and even a nutritional cooking recipe, can help create an engaging newsletter that establishes a tangible connection with your audience, encouraging policy enrollment and retention.

Third Party Billing:

Third-party billing can provide a seamless process for collecting premiums, deductibles, and communicating coverage details. These documents should be designed with the utmost clarity to ensure that policyholders can easily understand their financial responsibilities. Preferred Direct is a HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified printer, excelling in high-quality third-party billing services. We take pride in making sure your customers have a smooth experience during open enrollment and billing because we know happy customers can equal lifetime policyholders.

Explanation of Benefits:

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements are essential for policyholders, providing a breakdown of the costs associated with their services. Just like third party billing, having a professional and concise EOB document and communication process will improve your member experience making them more likely to renew each year.

Member Handbooks:

Member handbooks are valuable tools for insurance companies seeking to provide their policyholders with comprehensive information about their coverage. These handbooks serve

book printing services fulfillment

as a go-to resource for policyholders, offering details on benefits, claims procedures, network providers, and other essential information. A well-structured member handbook can be a valuable asset for both policyholders and insurance companies during open enrollment, fostering trust and confidence in your services. With state-of-the-art printing and finishing technology, Preferred Direct can create a professionally printed and bound resource that strategically covers all your insurance offerings.


Document Printing:

During open enrollment, insurers have a multitude of documents to print, ranging from member forms, contracts, and more. Preferred Direct offers state-of-the-art document printing services that guarantee accuracy, consistency, and professionalism. Your insurance company can rely on us to produce high-quality insurance marketing print materials that reflect your commitment to providing excellent service.

PDM teamPreferred Direct has over 35 years of experience as a second-generation family business working with insurance providers throughout the US. In our experience working with some of the largest insurance companies in the nation, to maximize success during open enrollment, it’s essential to invest in the right print materials. By incorporating third-party billing, direct mail marketing, advertising postcards, explanation of benefits, and document printing into your open enrollment strategy, you can create a comprehensive and compelling marketing campaign. These materials not only convey essential information but also reflect the professionalism and trustworthiness of your insurance company and its services.

For a successful open enrollment season, trust Preferred Direct as your full-service business communication partner. Contact us today to discuss our marketing and design services to help you goals this enrollment season.

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Maximizing Impact: How Direct Mail Boosts Donations for Non-profits

Maximizing Impact: How Direct Mail Boosts Donations for Non-profits

Maximizing Impact: How Direct Mail Boosts Donations for Non-profits

direct mail campaigns

Non-profit organizations play a crucial role in addressing various social issues and causes. To continue their vital work, they often rely on the generosity of donors. In today’s digital age, where online fundraising platforms and social media dominate the scene, one traditional method still stands strong: direct mail. In this blog, we’ll explore how these campaigns can be a powerful tool for non-profits to boost donations and make a lasting impact.

The Power of Direct Mail in Fundraising

direct mail campaignsDirect mail is a tried-and-true method of fundraising that has stood the test of time. Its effectiveness lies in its tangible nature. Unlike digital communications that can be easily deleted or ignored, a well-crafted mail piece physically lands in the hands of your potential donors. According to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), the response rate for direct mail to a house list was 9% in 2018, compared to just 1% for email.

Understanding Your Non-profit’s Audience

Before launching a campaign, it’s crucial to understand your audience. Non-profit organizations typically have diverse donor bases, including individuals, corporations, and foundations. Each of these groups may have different motivations for giving. Direct mail allows you to tailor your message to specific segments of your donor base, making it more likely that your message resonates with the recipient.

Crafting Compelling Campaigns

To maximize the impact of your campaigns, focus on creating materials that capture attention and evoke emotions. Start with eye-catching design and imagery that aligns with your cause. Preferred Direct can assist with design services – contact our team today for a quote. Your message should be clear, concise, and emotionally compelling. Include a strong call to action, guiding recipients on how they can make a difference by donating.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Data plays a crucial role in optimizing campaigns. Segment your donor lists based on factors like giving history, demographics, and location. Personalize your messages using variable data printing to make donors feel valued and understood. Track the performance of your campaigns using analytics to refine your approach over time.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Nothing speaks more persuasively than success stories. Share real-life examples of how your organization’s work has made a tangible difference in the lives of those you serve. Highlight the impact of past campaigns, including specific results and how donations were put to use. Direct mail catalogs and newsletters are a great way to share impact stories and generate engagement through genuine connection.

Ensuring Data Security and Compliance

direct mail campaignsNon-profits often deal with sensitive donor contact and financial information. It’s crucial to ensure data security and compliance with regulations like HIPAA when handling healthcare-related data. Partnering with a HIPAA-Compliant and HITRUST-Certified Printer like Preferred Direct can provide peace of mind in this regard.

Measuring the ROI of your campaign

Calculating the return on investment (ROI) is essential to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns. By comparing the cost of the campaign to the donations received, you can determine how efficiently your efforts are driving donations.

Integrating Direct Mail with Online Fundraising

QR code direct mail campaignsDirect mail and online fundraising can work hand in hand. Include URLs or QR codes in your materials that link recipients to online donation pages. This provides an easy and convenient way for donors to contribute, and it allows you to track the online response to your mailings.

Tips for Non-profits Getting Started with Direct Mail

For non-profits considering direct mail for the first time, it’s essential to start with a clear strategy. Define your goals, target audience, and budget. Partnering with a reliable print and mail provider like Preferred Direct can help you navigate the complexities of direct mail campaigns.


Direct mail continues to be a potent fundraising tool for non-profit organizations. Its ability to deliver tangible, emotionally resonant messages to potential donors sets it apart in a crowded digital landscape. By understanding your audience, crafting compelling campaigns, and leveraging data, you can maximize the impact of your direct mail efforts. Remember, it’s not just about sending mail; it’s about making a difference.

If you’re ready to explore the potential of direct mail for your non-profit organization and want to ensure the highest level of data security, consider partnering with Preferred Direct. Our expertise in commercial printing and direct mail can help you craft impactful campaigns that drive donations and support your mission. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist your non-profit in maximizing its impact.

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What is Saddle Stitch Binding?

What is Saddle Stitch Binding?

What is Saddle Stitch Binding?

From comic books to corporate brochures, examples of saddle stitch binding are everywhere we look. But what is saddle stitch binding exactly?

Saddle stitch binding is a bookbinding method where sheets of paper are folded and secured together with staples or stitching along the folded crease. The term “saddle stitch” comes from the saddle-shaped equipment used to drape booklets over during the stapling or stitching process.

Typical booklets range anywhere from 8 to 100 pages. Depending on paper thickness, the maximum page count can increase or vary by application. To create a saddle stitch booklet, the pages must be in multiples of four, including the front and back cover. A printed sheet of paper with graphics on both the back and front will create four “individual” pages when folded in half. Therefore, four pages are added to the booklet for every additional sheet printed.

At Preferred Direct, we have multiple finishing technologies to perfect and progress the saddle stitch process to ensure you receive a perfectly stitched booklet with incredibly fast lead times. Learn about our printing and saddle stitch finishing services on our website.


The Saddle Stitch Binding Process

Saddle stitch binding is a simple, cost-effective, and efficient binding method offered by Preferred Direct. This finishing process requires specialized stapling or stitching equipment and significant investments from your commercial printer to complete this process quickly and accurately. Booklets that are not stitched correctly will have trouble folding and flipping from page to page, as well as have trouble laying flat and maintaining quality throughout handling.

There is a specific process you must follow to achieve successful staddle stitch printing and finishing. Here’s a quick overview:

Folding and Collating: Once the booklet pages are printed, the sheets of paper are folded to create individual pages. This folded crease is often referred to as the spine. The folded sheets are then arranged in sequential order and prepared for binding.

Saddle Stitching: To begin saddle stitching, the folded paper is placed on a saddle-shaped equipment with the spine of the booklet in the center. The staples or stitches are inserted through the folded crease, securing the booklet together. Most booklets only use two staples along the spine, but stitching may vary depending on the paper size or the number of pages.

Trimming: After the stitching step is complete, an excess of paper may extend beyond the edge of the booklet. Printers trim the excess, creating a neat and uniform edge, preparing the booklet for finishing.

At Preferred Direct, we have multiple automated finishing technologies that fold, collate, stitch and trim your booklets for fast, efficient service and quality print. Unlike other printers who may outsource the binding process, Preferred Direct can complete all printing and binding in-house, as well as mailing and fulfillment services to distribute your booklets around the nation. Contact our team to request a project estimate and get started on your first print project with Preferred Direct!

Popular Applications of Saddle Stitch Binding

Saddle stitch binding is all around us. It is a very common method of booklet finishing and is used in a variety of print types that we interact with every day. Here’s some common applications of this finishing option:

If you’re looking to print one of the above projects, then saddle stitch binding is most likely your best finishing option.

Advantages of Saddle Stitch Binding

Known for its simplicity and efficiency, saddle stitch binding provides a quicker turnaround, a lower finishing cost, and a professional look to any booklet printing service. This binding method only needs a few staples to secure a booklet, whereas perfect binding uses glue to attach pages to a spine and requires more specialized equipment. Saddle stitched booklets can be completed quickly and are ideal for time-sensitive print projects. Their spine can lay completely flat when open, along with being compact, low weight and portable. Saddle stitch also offers more versatility for customers. From booklets to catalogs, newsletters to magazines, this form of binding accommodates a variety of paper sizes, weights, finishes, print designs and more.

With over 30 years of experience providing quality printing, finishing and mailing services to businesses around the country, Preferred Direct is the go-to commercial printer for professional saddle stitched print projects. We have the technology, experience, and capacity to assist you in creating high quality saddle stitched booklets from printing to binding to fulfillment and beyond. Contact the experts at Preferred Direct to get started on your booklet printing project today! Request an estimate online or give us a call at 757-461-2730.

Not sure if saddle stitch binding is the correct finishing for you? We also offer perfect-bound and spiral bound finishing options for larger books and print pieces. Contact the PDM team today to discuss your print project and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

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Printed Collateral is Here to Stay

Printed Collateral is Here to Stay

Printed Collateral is Here to Stay


With the constant push for higher digital engagement, perfectly curated social feeds, and algorithm optimized content, it’s easy for businesses to focus their marketing budgets into the digital space. But is it really worth it? Digital marketers estimate that the average person sees over 4,000 ads in a single day and spends only 0.7 seconds “gazing” at each social media ad. In this massive sea of digital ads, how can businesses differentiate themselves or stand out? Short answer: Printed Collateral.

Digital Marketing vs. Print Marketing

Before we take a closer look at the advantages of print marketing, let’s quickly compare the two. The term “digital marketing” covers a broad range of marketing channels such as, social media, email marketing, google ads, and more. Every day up to 500 million people browse their Instagram feed, 600 million people scroll through TikTok, and 2 billion users log onto Facebook. With the potential for reaching a broad audience and its cost-effective nature, it’s no wonder why companies gravitate to this form of marketing.

printed collateral preferred directWhere digital marketing lacks, printed collateral thrives. Rather than creating content for the masses, print marketing campaigns are highly targeted, more memorable, and bring credibility to your business. Print marketing includes physical marketing pieces such as newsletters, catalogues, postcards, direct mail, brochures and more.

  • Just opened a new brick and mortar location? Send a Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) invitation to all households within a 15 mile radius to your grand opening.
  • Releasing a new product line? Give your customers a first look in an exclusive catalogue.
  • Have exciting news, upcoming events, or a change in leadership? Send a newsletter to keep your internal team up to date and the public in the know.

Preferred Direct is a family-owned commercial printer, operating for over 30 years in direct mail printing, binding and delivery. Ready to get started in print? Our team can help! Click here to request a consultation or project estimate.

Advantages of Printed Collateral

So, how does print marketing differentiate your business in the digital age? Here’s a quick list of the advantages of printed collateral and why it’s here to stay:

Builds Credibility

The accessibility and ease of social media can be a double edge sword. Apps like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook have simplified account creation, meaning anyone can create an account and start marketing a product or service immediately, even if it doesn’t exist. Since most consumers are aware of fake or suspicious accounts, they err on the side of caution when interacting or purchasing products online. One way a company can build credibility as a trustworthy business is by sending printed collateral to their audience. According to a survey by MarketingSherpa, 82% of people trust print ads when making a purchase decision. Having a tangible print piece acts as an extension of your brand, putting the credibility of your product or services straight in their hands.


Memorable Marketing

In a study conducted by USPS and Temple University testing the effectiveness of print versus digital advertisements, they found that the physical ads were “more effective at leaving a lasting impression than their digital counterparts, regardless of the consumer age.” The research also concluded that the participants had quicker recall, stronger emotional responses, and a longer lasting impact from the physical ads. The physical aspect of holding a printed ad appeals to more senses than just scrolling through your phone. At Preferred Direct we have a team of graphic designers ready to create the artwork needed to make a great first impression.


Less Competition

Any company you name off the top of your head most likely has a prominent digital presence. This oversaturation of the digital space is what creates high competition and makes it very difficult to rank above larger companies with big marketing budgets. Even when you do prevail, there’s still that dreaded ad blocker in the way. In the U.S., more than a one third of internet users use some sort of ad blocker when they browse the internet. That means you’re paying money for 33% of the viewers to not even see your digital ad. These wasted marketing dollars could instead be used for a direct mail campaign where the consumer will not only see your ad but hold it in their hands. Rather than having to compete with the thousands of digital ads we see daily, your competition reduces to the handful of mail your audience gets every day.


An Omni-Channel Approach

When it comes to marketing it isn’t always a one size fits all. The best marketing strategizes take an omni-channel approach having a healthy mix of both printed collateral and digital marketing. While print marketing is effective for exposure and recall of brand information, digital marketing keeps your brand top of mind and can communicate to a broader audience.

With over 35 years of experience providing quality print and mail services to businesses around the country, Preferred Direct is the go-to direct mail printer for effective, data-secure print campaigns. We have the technology, capacity, and drive to assist you in your print marketing endeavors. From printer to post office, trust us to deliver high quality printed collateral pieces on time and within your budget. Contact us today to get started.

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Remaining HIPAA Compliant with Third Party Printers

Remaining HIPAA Compliant with Third Party Printers

Remaining HIPAA Compliant with Third Party Printers

Are you truly HIPAA compliant? Maybe you’ve set up certain measures of data security and protected your processes internally, but what about your third-party vendors? As a HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified printer, Preferred Direct invests in quality equipment and proven processes to ensure printing projects for healthcare, insurance, finance and other data sensitive industries comply with HIPAA requirements. From securing sensitive digital files to choosing the right third-party vendors, we put together a quick list of ways to ensure your organization remains in compliance.

The 3 HIPPA Rules

Before getting started with HIPAA compliance, we first need to understand the three HIPAA rules which all compliance best practices build upon:

HIPAA Privacy Rule

HIPAA HITRUST compliance

The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes a federal standard for safeguarding the privacy of individuals’ personal medical records and other identifiable health information.

HIPAA Security Rule

The HIPAA Security Rule establishes a federal standard for safeguarding electronically stored personal medical information of individuals to ensure the privacy, confidentiality, and security of these records are maintained.

HIPAA Breach Notification Rule

A HIPAA data breach is defined as an individuals’ protected health information (PHI) being disclosed or used without permission that compromises the security and privacy of the information in any way.

Once the breach is discovered, the organization has 60 days to notify the individuals whose information was exposed and submit a report to the Department of Health & Human Services. If the breach exposes over 500 individuals’ PHI, the organization must also notify a notable local media outlet.

Technology Security

With technology becoming more advanced, it’s important your organization takes the necessary precautions to prevent data leaks or PHI breaches. Digital ways to secure access to sensitive data is encryption, creating secure access portals, and managing user roles/admin levels. Physical ways to protect this information include computers automatically log out when not in use and personal logins for all employees. For facilities with portable devices, conducting device inventory checks frequently could prevent these devices from leaving the premises without permission.

Ensure your outsourced print & mail vendor also maintains secure access, provides secure file transfer options, and encrypts all data transferred. As a HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified print and mail vendor, Preferred Direct offers healthcare customers individual client logins for secure FTP file transfers and encrypts all print and mail data.

Facility Security

You can’t protect devices with secure data access or PHI records, without having a secure facility around it. Ways to prohibit unauthorized access to protected health records is having alarmed security systems throughout the building, storing records and files in authorized personnel only areas, and tracking devices with ePHI access. Knowing who is coming in and out of your facility at all times makes it easy to identify a potential breach point if a data leak does occur.


An often overlooked practice of securing PHIs is training staff and faculty. Having quarterly or annual HIPAA compliance training keeps experienced staff up to date and gives new hires HIPAA compliance best practices. Holding training sessions on staff security, ethics, integrity, data breaches, and more will empower employees to speak up if they see malpractice occurring and remind them of the proper protocols when handling sensitive data.

Audits & Compliance

HIPAA compliance audit

It’s important to complete the proper audits annually. Completing risk assessments, policy reviews, contingency plans, and vendor audits will ensure your organization remains HIPAA compliant. Allowing protocols or policies to “slip through the cracks” is where HIPAA compliance is more likely to be compromised.

Also, be sure to audit your third party print vendors and other outsourced organizations. Requesting information on their security protocols, testing for vulnerabilities, and having policy conversations with your vendors will help prevent a third-party data breach.

Print Security

HIPAA compliance also applies to your outsourced commercial printer. When it comes to choosing your third-party vendors, it’s important they also take the necessary precautions when printing and distributing sensitive data. One way to remain compliant when printing protected medical records is by using HIPAA compliant print vendors with secure data transfer portals, HITRUST certified common security framework, and secure digital and inkjet VDP technology – choose Preferred Direct.

Preferred Direct MarketingAs a HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified printer, Preferred Direct has invested in top print and fulfillment technology and follows the strictest data security standards to ensure the safety of your data. If you’re looking to get one step closer to ultimate HIPAA compliance, contact Preferred Direct for third-party medical bill printing and mailing services. See for yourself why Preferred Direct is the trusted health industry print partner – contact us to get started on your next print project today!

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