Secure Utility Billing Services


As a HITRUST-Certified and HIPAA-Compliant Partner, Preferred Direct offers secure third-party utility billing services for client communications, invoice printing, direct mail advertising, collection letters, and more! With our strict data security guidelines, your customer’s data is safe and secure from  variable data printing  to postage and delivery.

Third Party Billing

Third Party Billing Services

Direct Mail Marketing

Client Communications

Document printing

Collection Letters

Direct Mail Marketing

Custom Branded Envelopes

Third Party Billing

Invoice Printing

Utility Billing Services

  • Third-Party Billing Services
  • Collection Letters
  • Invoice Printing
  • Custom Statement Design
  • Client Communications
  • Account Statements
  • Custom Branded Envelope
  • Statements & Documents
  • & More!


Print Options

  • Black & White or Full Color
  • Variety of paper types and sizes available

Secure data submission via our secure FTP site in a variety of formats, including .xls, .txt, .csv,  .dat. and with .pgp encryption.

Outsourced Utility Billing Services

Save your energy and have a third-party company handle your third party billing services! From production to printing, to mailing, and fulfillment, Preferred Direct can assist your billing department with fast, reliable print & mail services. We take care of every detail of the billing process including, custom statement and envelope designs, HIPAA-Compliant data security management, inserting mail pieces into envelopes; presorting for postal discounts and delivering statements to the United States Postal Service.

HIPAA Compliance &

HITRUST Certified

We are HITRUST-certified and work to ensure our third-party billing services and secure printing projects for clients in data-sensitive industries comply with HIPAA requirements.

The Preferred Utility Billing Services Partner

Ready to save time and money with Preferred’s outsourced third-party billing services and secure printing solutions? Contact Preferred Direct first! We’ll work with you from day one to save you time, money, and resources.

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