Direct Mail Printing Services

At Preferred Direct, we partner with you to design, print and process a custom direct mail printing project that captures your audiences attention. Using state-of-the-art printers allows us to provide your company with unrivaled efficiency, superior image quality and an industry-leading output in both color and black and white. With a full suite of solutions in graphic design, marketing, mailing and fulfillment, Preferred can not only print engaging direct mail pieces, but design and deliver them as well.

Direct Mail Printing Services

  • Direct Mail Letter & Envelope
  • Postcards
  • Coupons
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Advertisements & Promotions
  • Fundraising
  • Billing & Statements
  • & More!


Printing Options

  • Black & White or Full Color Printing
  • One-Sided or Two-Sided Printing
  • Variety of Paper Types available

Secure data submission via our secure FTP site in a variety of formats, including .xls, .txt, .csv,  .dat. and with .pgp encryption.

I highly recommend Preferred Direct Marketing for their advertising and direct mail solutions. We have been a client for over 20 years and their services have contributed to our company’s growth and success.

Bobby McMichae

Southern Pest Control

Mailing Services

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to efficiently and accurately match your direct mail printing to envelopes and packaging using our Read-to-Print Match Data Matrix verification process. Preferred Direct can also fold, insert, prep for presort first-class postage and deliver your VDP projects directly to the post office. Take advantage of our full suite of communication solutions today!

Request a Sample Packet Today!

See what Preferred Direct is capable of! Request a product samples packet and receive high quality print and mail pieces straight to your door.  


HITRUST Certification & HIPAA Compliance

We are a HITRUST-certified Printer and work to ensure the direct mail printing projects we create for our clients are in compliance with HIPAA and meet the highest data security standards.

It Pays to Personalize

When you personalize your direct mail pieces, your customer engagement is better and more customized to your existing and potential customers. Everything from names to graphics and colors can be targeted to your individual customers. You can even vary offers to different customers based on their demographics/likes/interests. You can also give different offers based on a customer’s spending level. It’s that customized! You can target these customers with individual offers that are more relevant to them. This, in turn, not only makes the mail piece more relevant and engaging, but it’s more likely to increase your mailing  return on investment (ROI).

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    direct mail printing services

    The Preferred Direct Mail Printing Service

    Ready to start your next mailing project? Contact Preferred Direct first! We’ll work with you from day one to save you time, money and resources—so you can get back to the business of serving your customers.

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