Digital Printing

Are you looking for a commercial printing solution that’s fast, cost-effective and helps you stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace? Then you’ll want to talk with us about our digital printing services.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is different from traditional offset printing. Rather than requiring the time and cost to create a printing plate, digital printing involves sending images and text in digital files directly to a printer. At Preferred Direct, we offer black and white or full-color digital printing to cover all of your communications needs.

With digital printing, the product possibilities are nearly endless. Here are a few examples of what we often create for our clients:
  • Direct mail
  • Signs and posters
  • Billing statements
  • Medical Explanation of Benefits
  • Books
  • Four color process work
Not only do we print products for you, we also offer mailing services to help you build targeted mail lists and ensure materials are sent as cost-efficiently as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Printing?

Perhaps the most significant advantage our clients enjoy with our digital printing solutions is something we consider the “wow” factor. With prospective customers overwhelmed with advertising messages, you need to make sure your direct mail marketing collateral stands out and wows those who receive it.

By using variable data to personalize sales and marketing materials and offering superior print quality, our digital printing services help your company make a memorable impression. You can count on us to apply both expertise and technology to ensure your communications grab attention and compel recipients to respond. And that’s just one of the ways digital printing can benefit your company.

Other advantages include:

  • On-demand ordering capabilities enable you to reduce your standing inventory—and the costs associated with it. When your supply gets low, we can print additional materials quickly on an as-needed basis.
  • It comes with lower setup costs, even with low-volume projects.
  • Speed! The directness of digital allows for a fast turnaround time, so you can seize opportunities rather than miss them.
  • Making last-minute changes is easier—and much less costly.

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