Printed Collateral is Here to Stay


With the constant push for higher digital engagement, perfectly curated social feeds, and algorithm optimized content, it’s easy for businesses to focus their marketing budgets into the digital space. But is it really worth it? Digital marketers estimate that the average person sees over 4,000 ads in a single day and spends only 0.7 seconds “gazing” at each social media ad. In this massive sea of digital ads, how can businesses differentiate themselves or stand out? Short answer: Printed Collateral.

Digital Marketing vs. Print Marketing

Before we take a closer look at the advantages of print marketing, let’s quickly compare the two. The term “digital marketing” covers a broad range of marketing channels such as, social media, email marketing, google ads, and more. Every day up to 500 million people browse their Instagram feed, 600 million people scroll through TikTok, and 2 billion users log onto Facebook. With the potential for reaching a broad audience and its cost-effective nature, it’s no wonder why companies gravitate to this form of marketing.

printed collateral preferred directWhere digital marketing lacks, printed collateral thrives. Rather than creating content for the masses, print marketing campaigns are highly targeted, more memorable, and bring credibility to your business. Print marketing includes physical marketing pieces such as newsletters, catalogues, postcards, direct mail, brochures and more.

  • Just opened a new brick and mortar location? Send a Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) invitation to all households within a 15 mile radius to your grand opening.
  • Releasing a new product line? Give your customers a first look in an exclusive catalogue.
  • Have exciting news, upcoming events, or a change in leadership? Send a newsletter to keep your internal team up to date and the public in the know.

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Advantages of Printed Collateral

So, how does print marketing differentiate your business in the digital age? Here’s a quick list of the advantages of printed collateral and why it’s here to stay:

Builds Credibility

The accessibility and ease of social media can be a double edge sword. Apps like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook have simplified account creation, meaning anyone can create an account and start marketing a product or service immediately, even if it doesn’t exist. Since most consumers are aware of fake or suspicious accounts, they err on the side of caution when interacting or purchasing products online. One way a company can build credibility as a trustworthy business is by sending printed collateral to their audience. According to a survey by MarketingSherpa, 82% of people trust print ads when making a purchase decision. Having a tangible print piece acts as an extension of your brand, putting the credibility of your product or services straight in their hands.


Memorable Marketing

In a study conducted by USPS and Temple University testing the effectiveness of print versus digital advertisements, they found that the physical ads were “more effective at leaving a lasting impression than their digital counterparts, regardless of the consumer age.” The research also concluded that the participants had quicker recall, stronger emotional responses, and a longer lasting impact from the physical ads. The physical aspect of holding a printed ad appeals to more senses than just scrolling through your phone. At Preferred Direct we have a team of graphic designers ready to create the artwork needed to make a great first impression.


Less Competition

Any company you name off the top of your head most likely has a prominent digital presence. This oversaturation of the digital space is what creates high competition and makes it very difficult to rank above larger companies with big marketing budgets. Even when you do prevail, there’s still that dreaded ad blocker in the way. In the U.S., more than a one third of internet users use some sort of ad blocker when they browse the internet. That means you’re paying money for 33% of the viewers to not even see your digital ad. These wasted marketing dollars could instead be used for a direct mail campaign where the consumer will not only see your ad but hold it in their hands. Rather than having to compete with the thousands of digital ads we see daily, your competition reduces to the handful of mail your audience gets every day.


An Omni-Channel Approach

When it comes to marketing it isn’t always a one size fits all. The best marketing strategizes take an omni-channel approach having a healthy mix of both printed collateral and digital marketing. While print marketing is effective for exposure and recall of brand information, digital marketing keeps your brand top of mind and can communicate to a broader audience.

With over 35 years of experience providing quality print and mail services to businesses around the country, Preferred Direct is the go-to direct mail printer for effective, data-secure print campaigns. We have the technology, capacity, and drive to assist you in your print marketing endeavors. From printer to post office, trust us to deliver high quality printed collateral pieces on time and within your budget. Contact us today to get started.

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