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Transpromo Marketing

Transpromo marketing is an effective tool for adding advertising messages to your statements. Text or graphics can be inserted right onto your statement for customers to view additional information. When a customer receives their billing statement, or any other form of document in the mail, the odds are in the client’s favor that this type of mail will be opened. They not only view their billing information, but with transpromo marketing, their attention will also be drawn to the advertisement placed on the document.

The marketing can be for any type of advertisement, promotion, sale, upcoming event, or any other service you would like to have printed on your statement. This is a smart way to advertise since almost everyone opens up and views their statements, whether it is financial, medical, or any other document. Your banner-transpromoadvertising will reach a broader audience and help generate more sales through this type of marketing. These advertisements or messages can also be altered at any time to update or change information and transpromo marketing can vary to different customers to target different markets.


What are the Benefits of Using Transpromo Marketing Vs. Other Types of Marketing?

  • People look at their bills and statements far more often than they look at “junk” mail. According to a study by Infotrends, a market research and consulting firm, 95 percent of customers open and read their transactional documents.
  • People, on average, review their bills and statements for approximately one to three minutes. When a marketing message is printed directly on these statements, the person reading the statement can’t help but see the message. Inserts are often thrown aside or not viewed at all, but the actual document is almost always viewed.
  • Transpromo marketing markets to current customers. Returning customers should be a large part of your business base as they are the foundation in maintaining a profitable business. Loyal customers in fact, make up most of a business’s profits. So while it’s necessary to market to new customers, the most important part of your marketing strategy should be to maintain your current customers. Transpromo Marketing is a great way to reach these customers and draw them back for additional purchases.
  • It reduces costs and waste. Rather than spending money on printing new ads and paying for additional paper and postage, transpromo marketing uses mail that is already outgoing. This helps to cut back on waste and saves trees.


The cons of Transpromo Marketing:

  • Customers who have switched exclusively to e-billing won’t be reached during a printed transpromo marketing campaign; however, online e-bills can have marketing messages too.
  • Transpromo marketing does not market to potential customers like regular mail marketing, only existing customers.