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Meet Xerox Impika®


Preferred Direct has the first Xerox Impika® in the United States.

This is good news for your company because it prints fast, saving you time and money. It prints up to 416 feet per minute, has an adaptable full color print platform and utilizes variable data. It was made specifically for transactional, TransPromo, direct mail, and book printing applications. With this addition, we set ourselves as leaders of future innovation and related savings due to the flexibility of digital printing.


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Meet Xerox Impika®

What does the Xerox Impika® mean to Your Company?

  • Lower cost
  • Roll fed equals increased print speed
  • Excellent digital print qualityimpika-website pic
  • Duplex printing
  • Completed roll conveniently transfers to the Lasermax for finishing
  • Your Project Manager will work with you from start to finish 

Xerox Impika® helps Reduce Your Commercial Printing Costs

We know you want to maximize your rate of return on your direct marketing efforts and our Xerox Impika® reduces production costs, greatly benefiting your company. Whether we’re printing transactional statements, A4 booklets, one-to-one personalized campaigns or documents, our high-speed inkjet printing will maximize uptime, reduce waste and reduce production costs. Drop On Demand technology magnifies this cost savings by using only the precise quantity of ink required by the job. More or less ink may be required to produce the desired finished product, effect and quality, but it only uses what is necessary, providing excellent print quality while saving money. We pass those savings on to you, our customer.

Xerox Impika® Handles Variable Data

With variable data capabilities, the Xerox Impika® merges information from existing databases to mail pieces. Target your ideal customer seamlessly with our new Xerox Impika® and enjoy a rapid, yet accurate high volume, high print quality jobs.

Printing full variable data in color or monochrome, the Xerox Impika® provides flexibility, as well as excellent print quality. Personalize each mailing and customize your prints with specialized texts or graphics by means of this variable data technology. Full color printing makes it easier to read and understand information, and the personalization adds that special touch which sets your company apart from your competition.


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Highlights of the Xerox Impika®:

  • Drop On Demand piezoelectric inkjet
  • Five drop volumes
  • Prints up to 416 feet per minute
  • Printing width of 18.67”
  • Water based dye or HD (high density) pigment, MICR and custom inks
  • Up to 6 color configurations available
  • Papers include uncoated, inkjet matte and silk papers, and glossy inkjet coated
  • Printing modes include 2-up single engine simplex; 1-up single engine duplex; and 2-up twin engine duplex

Want Best in Class Print Quality?

Look no further than Xerox Impika® and Preferred Direct. We know how quality products directly correlate with response rate in direct mail. With 360 x 600 to 1200 dpi, from transactional to graphic arts quality, it offers up to three print resolutions and five drop volumes. It uses Drop On Demand piezoelectric inkjet technology that is proven to be reliable and a high performer. The industry recognizes its precision, durability and reliability with even the most demanding applications. This innovative and proven equipment offers unparalleled productivity and image quality.


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Preferred Direct provides high-quality, high-quantity, fast and personalized direct marketing services including: printing services, fulfillment services, fundraising services, direct mail marketing, direct billing and emergency on demand printing services. From design to finishing and mailing, we make sure to deliver high-quality products that will help increase your company’s ROI.

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