Top 3 Concerns When Choosing a Commercial Printing Company

Outsourcing any job can be nerve-racking, especially working with a commercial printing company for your sensitive and engaging print needs. The finished product reflects your company’s brand and message. The time it saves you is worth it, if you pick the right company.

When you send a job to a commercial printer, you are counting on them to make a quality product that reflects your company and meets your important deadline. Preferred Direct is known for its reputation and expertise. With an A rating and as one of the top commercial printers we can be trusted with any job, big or small. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top 3 concerns when it comes to choosing commercial printing, and what commercial printing companies should be doing to meet and exceed your expectations. 

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Top 3 Concerns

#1 Cost

When selecting a commercial printing company, one of the first things you need to consider is cost. Is the printer affordable? Does the company offer different printing options to cater to your budget? Is the quality of the print material compromised because of cost?

You should select a commercial printer that keeps its cost low due to the efficiency of the printing process. This means selecting a printer that uses the latest in printing, sorting, and finishing technology. When the cost of print projects is low due to efficiency, the quality of your print materials is not compromised. You receive the best product for the best price, and as a bonus, you receive your items faster.


#2 Late Deliveries

Companies rely on commercial printing for many different reasons, including marketing, billing, and print materials for the day-to-day functioning of your business. Therefore, it is crucial that it is done effectively and efficiently. If a marketing item goes out late it could mean the difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful campaign. If bills go out late, you don’t get paid in a timely fashion.

A reputable commercial printing company will always deliver your materials promptly. They will keep in touch, so you know the status of your order. It is important that a commercial printer allows you to track your order, and updates you on each stage of the printing and delivery process.


#3 Poor Customer Service

Commercial PrintingAre you struggling to get someone on the phone? Do you have questions regarding your project? Do you need help selecting materials and the best printing method for your project? Some online printing companies will communicate via email or chat, but they don’t always have someone available over the phone. Poor customer service makes it more difficult for you, their customer. When selecting a commercial printing company, you need to find a company that has a project manager assigned to your company and project. A project manager can help you select what methods of printing are best for each project, and they can help you find the most cost-effective way to print and deliver your job. Project managers can offer updates on the status of your project and communicate any issues that arise to keep your project moving forward in a timely fashion.

Choosing the Right Commercial Printing Company

direct mail servicesAt Preferred Direct, we make sure to keep your cost down. You will have a project manager who keeps your print jobs on track. Our project managers stay on top of your print jobs and can answer any questions you have along the way. We even provide emergency print services for those fast approaching deadlines. We also provide tracking so you can be assured that your shipment is arriving in a timely manner. Our digital and offset printing technology are top-of-the-line and print quality materials fast, ultimately saving you time and money. When choosing a commercial printing company, you can count on Preferred Direct to be cost-effective, speedy, and customer-friendly. 

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