What Is Transpromo Marketing?


Transpromo Marketing. It sounds like you might be doing a Transatlantic crossing!

That would be exciting, but in this blog, we are talking about Transpromo marketing or transpromotional marketing. It’s a way for companies to market to existing customers through existing customer communication channels like statements and bills sent by mail. In this blog you will learn about transpromo marketing, its uses, and benefits.

Transpromo Marketing

Reaching repeat customers is an important part of maintaining a profitable business. How well is your business reaching and retaining your existing customers?

Transpromo Marketing is a form of advertising in which businesses place marketing messages in transactional documents. The word transpromo comes from the combination of the terms “transaction” and “promotion.” The marketing messages are placed in the white spaces of these documents, integrated marketing messages on bills, statements and other important communications.


How Does Transpromo Marketing work?Transpromo Marketing Sales

Using cutting edge print technology, called variable digital printing, individualized bills, statements and other transactional documents are printed. The targeted marketing message is printed on these statements, and then mailed out to customers.


Types of Messages Used in Transpromo Marketing

  • Coupons – Coupons make great use of white space on a statement, attracting the customer to come back and make another purchase.
  • Call to upgrade current product or services – Companies can advertise upgrading their current product or services for a newer product or higher service package. An example of a service upgrade might be a telecommunications company advertising their combined internet, cable and telephone packages to a customer who only subscribes to internet.
  • Sale or promotion announcement – Announcing sales and promotions helps to give customers a reason to make an additional purchase. An example of this might be a customer who just purchased a new dishwasher receiving word on their billing statement that there will be a sale on other kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and stoves.
  • Coming soon announcements – Coming soon announcements work toward customer loyalty. By announcing new products or services, this gives the customer a reason to stick with the company. An example might be a clinic advertising that they will soon be giving flu shots for flu season, or a bank announcing they’ll soon be offering a new type of savings account.
  • Draw customers to a website – Do you want your customers to read more about your products or services? Give them a reason to go to your website and read about what’s new and happening, while increasing web traffic at the same time.

Transpromo Marketing

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