Supporting Charities Using Your Company’s Print Marketing

Looking for ways to raise money for your chosen charities? Are you wanting to brand your business as a philanthropic organization? Direct mail print marketing creates one of the best fundraising opportunities for charities. You can work with charitable organizations to promote both the charity and your business at the same time.

Supporting charities doesn’t have to be restricted to monetary donations. You can also support your choice charities by tying them into your current marketing campaigns or creating new campaigns based on the charity. It is very beneficial for companies to support charities. Here’s why: 

Benefits of Supporting a Charity

Charitable image – Your company shows commitment and interest in your community and in the well-being of humanity when it sponsors a charitable organization.

Increased visibility – By sponsoring charitable organizations and their events, your company’s name and logo appear in more places, increasing your visibility to potential customers.

Networking – Attending charitable organization events introduces your company to others that support the charity and can lead to networking opportunities.

Tax deductions – Your business receives tax deductions when supporting a charity. You can deduct up to 50 percent of your Adjusted Gross Income, but be sure to check with a tax professional for regulations.

Build stronger relationships with your customers – Your customers will like that your business is charitable and therefore will feel better about supporting your company.

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Ways to Tie Charities Into Your Marketing

You can make your charitable organization partnership beneficial to both the charity and your business through cross-promotional marketing.

Here are a few cross-promotional marketing ideas:

Promotional months – Does your company support a breast cancer charity, diabetes charity, or a pet charity? There are months in the year that are specifically designated for these types of charities. Breast Cancer Awareness Month, American Diabetes Month, and National Dog Adoption Month are examples of months designed for charities. Find ways to promote your business and theirs by tying marketing campaigns to these promotional months.

Give back on every sale – You can advertise a product or service and pledge giving back x amount of dollars to the charity.

Sell tickets for charitable events – To increase your business’s online and/or physical traffic, sell tickets for your chosen charity’s events.

Coupons – Give the charity coupons for your business’s products or services to distribute as added value for their donors. Added value can help the charity keep or entice new donors while giving your business exposure through print marketing. 

Types of Print Marketing to Support Charities

Whether you are tying in a charitable organization to a current promotion you have, or sending out information on your own products or services and mentioning the charity, direct marketing is a great way to benefit both the charity and your business.

Here are ways to use print marketing to support your choice charities:

Direct Mail Print Marketing – Let your customers or potential customers know about your cross-promotional charitable events, campaigns, products, or services through direct mail. Direct mail print marketing is one of the top ways charities fundraise, and your company can attract business and/or build your company’s reputation by using the same means.

Transpromo Marketing – Are you sending out statements to your customers? You can generously add an advertisement for the charities you support on your statements without spending additional money on postage. You can also promote cross-promotional charitable events or campaigns.

Newsletters –  Mention the charities you support in your newsletters. Whether you send out e-newsletters or mail out newsletters, you can support your chosen charity, or let your customers know about cross-promotional events or marketing campaigns.

Coupons and/or Tickets – Print coupons and or tickets for charitable or cross-promotional events.

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