Direct mail marketing can be an effective way to reach potential customers. Learn how to make the most of your direct mail pieces.

Getting your business to stand out from your competition is an on-going battle in the world of marketing and advertising. With direct mail and postcard marketing, you also are in competition with all the junk mail that the average person receives every day.

We have created a list of the top 12 Tips for Creating Effective Direct Mail Pieces that will make your company stand out and be noticed.

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1. Choose the right size piece and paper that reflects your business. Ask yourself the following to make sure your direct mail piece matches your message.
• Does your business cater to high-end customers? Perhaps you would like a nicer stock paper and an envelope.
• Maybe something smaller with a quick message? Perhaps you would like to send a postcard?
• Do you have many items to sell? A catalog might be the right piece for your business.

2. Be innovative. Build stories and images relating to your business instead of just telling customers the name of your company and what you do. Think about the joyful feeling you want your product or service to create and then paint that picture through photos and words to use on your direct mail mail tips

3. Don’t use sales gimmicks in your type like all caps, bold with italics and multiple exclamation marks. Keep your direct mail piece looking professional and keep the writing legible. Do not use hard to read scroll fonts.

4. Target your direct mail piece. Think about your target audience’s demographics when you create your piece. Are you trying to relate your piece to 30-45 year old females or 60 year old males? This should affect how you plan your design. What do you know about your customers purchasing habits and likes? Cater your piece to what you know about your customers.

5. Use color and white space to your advantage. Hire a graphic designer who knows how to use color and white space. Keep your information concise. White space can catch the eye in a way a crowded piece can’t.

6. Make sure you have a call-to-action. On your direct mail piece, tell your potential customer to call you or visit your website and list your information. Without a call-to-action, you are simply branding your business. Be sure to tell your customers exactly what you want them to do next. Offering a special discount or a prize drawing on the piece can also lead to better conversion rates.

7. Include essential information about your business on your postcard or direct mail piece. Aside from your catchy headline, make sure you explain enough about your business on your direct mail piece. Don’t expect a potential customer to go the extra mile and visit your website for basic information. Give the basic information.

8. Personalize your direct mail piece. There are different options for personalizing a direct mail piece. You can just personalize an envelope or postcard, or you can personalize the letter inside an envelope. Personalization adds a more friendly touch to your piece to help you connect with new or existing customers.

9. Do not try to trick your potential customer. Gimmicky wording like “Amazing offer” or “Free” when something is far from free doesn’t help a potential customer trust you. In fact it does quite the opposite. Be honest in what sets your product and services apart. Are you the lowest price competitor? Say so. If you aren’t don’t say you have the lowest prices. Instead, you can highlight that you carry top brands that your competitor doesn’t.

10. Keep your direct mail message focused. Do not overwhelm your potential customer with too much information. While you need to include basic information, do not flood a potential Business marketing and direct mailcustomer with unnecessary details or try and squeeze in multiple messages.

11. Create a campaign. Sending direct mail pieces with a cohesive theme is advantageous for many reasons. It shows new and existing customers your brand, makes your company memorable and keeps your messaging focused.

12. Repeat. Customers who see the message multiple times are more likely to respond. Some businesses make the mistake of sending direct mail once or twice, and their response rate is usually not as significant as businesses that keep their company and messages in the hands of potential customers by sending out direct mail marketing pieces frequently.


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