Nonprofits, Take Advantage of Direct Mail Fundraising

Direct mail fundraising is one of the best ways to increase giving and grow your donor database. Nonprofits depend on money and support from donors to keep an organization functioning. Out of all of the types of nonprofit marketing, fundraising by mail should be on your list of fundraising strategies. Here’s why:

Direct mail marketing helps you find potential donors. Targeted mailing lists can help your nonprofit to find new donors that fit your organization’s ideal demographics. Mailing lists can target by location, gender, income, etc. You can also target the homes within proximity to your organization using every-door-direct-mail tactics. 

Direct mail fundraising keeps you in contact with your current donors. When you send direct mail, you remind your donors of your organization and keeping it at the forefront of their mind. Many recipients keep direct mail pieces, if they are well designed, to remind them of the causes they support. At Preferred Direct we have graphic design experts ready to work with you to create a recognizable and memorable campaign.  

You can let your donors know what your organization’s current needs are. Is there something specific your organization needs to purchase? Is there something that needs immediate financial attention? Let your donors know your urgent needs in a visually and emotionally appealing way.

Connect with new and potential donors in a tangible way. Direct mail fundraising provides an engaging print piece that recipients can interact with. Whether posted on the fridge as a reminder or given to a friend, your nonprofit’s direct mail can be a great tool your advocates can use to spread awareness of your cause.

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Tips on creating direct mail fundraising pieces:

  • Suggest donation amounts on your mail piece. You can list the benefits of each to make it more effective. (i.e. $100 will allow an underprivileged child to attend summer camp. $50 will provide an underprivileged child a tutor for a month.)
  • Create multiple options for giving. Can they give online? Over the phone? Include this information on your mailing.
  • Thank your donor for their last gift and tell them why their next gift will help your organization.
  • Include the reminder that their donation is tax deductible.
  • Drive an emotional connection by personal stories of how their donations benefit real people.
  • Make sure to include the option of updating their mailing address, adding an email address, etc.
  • Be sure your mailing is appealing to the eye, with a clear call to action, and don’t forget to always include your organization’s logo and contact information.

Do you need help creating an effective direct mail fundraising piece? At Preferred Direct, our team of expert graphic designers can help. You can also check out our blog, 12 Tips for Creating Effective Direct Mail Print, for an in depth guide. 

Preferred Direct can help you through the entire fundraising by mail process, from creating mailing lists, designing artwork, printing products, handling postage, packaging, and shipping, Preferred Direct can do it all.


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