Offset Printing

Preferred Direct offers offset printing that gives our clients the benefit of a single, turnkey source for their commercial printing and mailing needs. We guarantee the quality of a job from beginning to end. Our offset printing capabilities use the most current computer-to-plate technology to create high-resolution prints. A huge benefit for you, the customer, is the amount of money that is saved by using this type of printing.

Here are some real world examples of commercial print jobs that are ideal for offset printing:

  • Newspapers
  • Books
  • Legal forms and documents
  • Financial forms, statements and data
  • Marketing flyers, brochures, PR material and other marketing supplies

Communicating with your customers with a high-quality commercial print product in high volumes generates business for your company and makes your company look professional. Preferred Direct offers the right commercial printing solution for all of your company’s needs and a project manager will work with you from start to finish to get the job done.

Benefits of Offset Printing for Your Commercial Printing Needs

From a simple one-color survey card to a beautiful, full-color, two-sided brochure, our experienced pressmen pride themselves in providing our clients with great-looking printed materials at an affordable price. By using CMYK colors, the press creates high-resolution products. The quality of the images is consistent on all the finished pieces. Benefits of offset printing to our customers include:

  • High quality images
  • Can print on a wide variety of surfaces including paper, cloth, metal, leather, wood, rough paper and plastic
  • High quantity printing equals lower per unit cost
  • Better quality and cost value for high volume jobs than digital printing
  • Computer-to-plate technology for greater quality

Is Offset Printing Right for the Job?

When trying to choose between digital and offset printing for your commercial printing job, consider the following factors. If they apply to your print job, then offset is the right choice. Of course, your project manager at Preferred Direct can answer your questions and devise the right strategy for you as well.

  • Quantity: If you have a high volume print, offset may be the right choice since unit cost decreases as the quantity increases.
  • Print surfaces: If you want to print on unusual surfaces such as special paper, paper with a special finish, offset printing is more flexible regarding printing
  • Colors: Unless you need full color printing, offset printing may make more sense for your budget. Also, offset printing can provide a Pantone® color match because it utilizes real Pantone® ink.

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