Inkjet Printing

Our inkjet printing machines greatly enhance the speed of printing addresses, barcodes, and indicias. While offset and digital printing produce high-quality graphics, inkjet printing is an additional commercial printing option used for personalization and more. The inkjet head applies ink to a designated location on your digital printing or offset printing print product to add simple text, barcode or indicia information.

Some of the features we offer include:
  • Addressing
  • Priority codes
  • Business-reply functions
  • Personalized messages


Personalizing and addressing postcards, envelopes and other EDDM (every door direct mail) products can be accomplished quickly with inkjetting. Direct mail sent to targeted recipients can also use inkjet printing by importing database information. When database information is imported into our inkjet machines, envelopes, postcards, and various other types of materials are sped through a mass printing conveyor, increasing productivity of printing products.


A client’s database with its variable data is imported into our secure FTP site and then into our postal sorting software. The pre-sorted variable data is then released to one of our multiple inkjet machines where, envelopes, postcards, magazines and various other materials are addressed and imprinted with special messages from the client if requested. The same can be applied if the variable data is part of a digital printing project.

Inkjet Printing for Direct Mail

Preferred Direct uses inkjetting to increase efficiency and offer personalization of your print materials. Each piece can be personalized to match your needs. Information can be imprinted via the inkjet head onto the outside cover of a piece and/or specified locations inside the printed piece. Your project manager can help you decide the most effective places for placing information.

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