Emergency Printing

At Preferred Direct we offer fast, next-day turnaround print completion on select jobs. When your company needs a print job done quickly, you need a printing company that provides print-on-demand emergency services. We have an assortment of durable, quality paper stocks to choose from. We also provide variable data printing services, catering your messages and products to the individual. We can finish your project with an array of finishing and binding options.

Most importantly, we have the quality support you can trust. With Preferred Direct your company will get all the top marketing essentials you need with all the versatile, flexible and affordable quality you desire. You will work with your project manager to get the job done!

On-Demand Printing

Our ability to provide high-quality print on demand emergency services is due to our industry-leading equipment. Our equipment list includes the Konica Minolta C1100 and 1250, Impika®, HP-T240, Heidelberg offset presses, sophisticated file handling equipment, digital scanners and printers and a well equipped in-house bindery system that offers all types of binding options. This means fast, high quality printing for your company. Your company can be confident you are receiving the best color copies, the finest black and white copies and outstanding finishing options, without the wait.


The HP-T240 produces exceptional quality print materials with incredible speed. Able to print up to 500 feet per minute, the HP-T240 is our go-to piece of technology when printing quick-turn projects.


Our Tecnau systems and HP-T240 printers finish the job fast, making it easy to ship or mail your project.

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