Preferred Direct can manufacture, design, print and package CDs and DVDs for you or your business. We can use your own artwork or custom create a design for you. We can print images directly onto CDs and DVDs with our state-of-the-art equipment and also print the packaging for your product. We’ll supply you with printed cases, jeweled cases or slipcovers that use your artwork or a custom print that our graphics team will design for you. We can provide direct mailing for your convenience.

Need your information mass duplicated to a CD or DVD? We can handle any amount of CDs or DVDs that need to be duplicated, no matter how large the quantity of data is on your original disc. By replicating large volumes of discs, our team at Preferred Direct can quickly finish the job and save your company money by doing the request as a bulk job. Our services are affordable and reliable, making the final product exceed your expectations.

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Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

Welcome to the Preferred Direct Blogfacebooktwitterlinkedin Marketing Tips for Nonprofits – Using Commercial Printing Services Print marketing and digital marketing should be a part of your nonprofit’s overall marketing strategy. Used in combination, they reinforce...

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