Bindery & Finishing

Preferred Direct provides Bindery and Finishing services for all of your commercial printing needs. Whether your bindery and finishing needs require collating, scoring, die cutting, folding or other services, we have the skills and experience necessary to deliver a superb product through our printing service.

Working with your Project Manager will ensure that your bindery and finishing looks professional and ready to distribute. Preferred Direct works with all industries including health care, insurance, financial services, colleges and universities and business and services to provide superior commercial printing service that will enhance your business or service.

What is Bindery & Finishing?

After printing, bindery and finishing bring the entire product together to form a more professional looking printed material. Bindery and Finishing can be used with digital or offset printed products. Preferred Direct can also provide fulfillment services for your bindery & finishing printed materials from beginning to end.

Bindery refers to binding or fastening individual sheets together to form a cohesive product such as book binding. Finishing includes any type of decorative element added to the printed product.

Types of bindery and finishing include:


Quickly and accurately assemble books, inserts, etc. in order based on your criteria.


Our digital cutting machine creates accurate and sharp cuts on any size paper to suit your needs.


We can drill one to three holes in a variety of sizes and drilled at the precise location of your specification.


We offer various types of folds for your products, including single or half-fold, letter, accordion and many more options.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is a method for binding printed sheets suitable for binding documents when they are too thick to saddle stitch.

Saddle Stitch

Saddle stitching is a method of binding one or more printed sections together, with or without a cover, by means of wire staples (stitches) through the spine and centerfold; otherwise known as booklet making.


We can automatically tab, label or wafer seal a wide variety of open-ended media including mail pieces, folded stock, double postcards, newsletters, booklets, etc. Additionally, with secured mail you earn automation-compatible postal discounts.


For heavy stock paper, our scoring machine creates a groove along your paper product that allows the piece to be folded in a professional manner.


Our perforation machine creates tiny holes along paper which is useful for tearing off slips of paper, such as response statements and coupons.

Die Cutting

With our die cutting equipment we can create a customized die cut-shaped image to your materials to give them a professional look.

Spiral Binding

Spiral binding attaches loose sheets by means of a plastic or metal coil being passed through punched holes.

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