Inventory Management

We can store large quantities of your printing products and maintain an inventory of all the items we have in stock. Different jobs require different styles and sizes of paper, as well as different types of envelopes. We can store large volumes of your paper stock at our warehouse and when you have a job ready for print, we can start right away with your paper and resources already on hand. Additionally, we can maintain an inventory of your stock and send a report to you when requested, or on a weekly or monthly basis; it’s completely up to you.

As soon as a print request job is received we process the information and create a work order to start the printing process. Right when that job order is created and placed in our database, we update our inventory. Similarly, when we receive a shipment of paper products for your company, we immediately update our inventory. Inventory control is a great way for you to view your resources here and make sure we are always well-stocked for all your upcoming jobs.

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