Statement Generation

Generating accurate and on-time billing statements helps keep cash flow consistent—and that can make a tremendous difference on your business’s bottom line.

Businesses and municipalities of all types entrust Preferred Direct with producing their billing statements. From city water invoices to medical bills to Explanation of Benefits statements to retail revolving charge accounts, you can rely on us to handle your statement generation needs. By submitting to our SFTP, you can rest assured your data will remain safe and encrypted through the duration of the process.

Billing Capabilities You Can Count On

You have enough to oversee in the course of running your business. Why add the production, printing, and mailing of your customer invoices to the list? Our efficient and economical commercial invoicing services take that burden off of you.

At Preferred Direct, we guarantee timely and confidential processing of your information. With extensive experience in managing variable data and the ability to accommodate your statement format, offer templates, or create a custom statement design for you, we remain versatile enough to adapt our services to your specific statement generation needs. You can submit your information to us via our secure FTP site in a variety of formats, including .xls, .txt, .csv, and .dat. You can also send files with .pgp encryption.

Every step of the way, your Preferred Direct project manager will work with you to make the process simple and ultra-convenient. We take care of every last detail, including: custom statement design; tight data security management; printing statements and envelopes; inserting mail pieces into envelopes; presorting for postal discounts; and delivering statements to the United States Postal Service.

Benefits That Deliver

With our commercial billing services, you can not only brand your invoices with your logo and company information, but you can also include specific messaging to inform or advertise products and services to your customers. As customers open their invoices, they’ll see those marketing messages—providing you a prime opportunity to boost awareness and revenue.

Because of our streamlined process, you can expect your statements to be processed quickly and arrive at customers’ locations faster than if you’d handle billing in-house. That’s a big deal because, with a more efficient billing method in place, you can help decrease days outstanding and reduce late payments. We also offer e-billing services that deliver a heightened level of efficiency with electronic invoicing.

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