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3 Ways to Improve Your Direct Mail Campaign

3 Ways to Improve Your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail Campaigns can be hit or miss for companies of every variety, and few things are more frustrating than a low ROI for each unit you send out.

You may not expect your direct mail to be kept in a keepsake box until the end of time, but it’s certainly not meant to catch a customer’s used chewing gum before they’ve even looked at it! The good news is that there are some simple strategies that can lead to higher response rates.

1. Capitalize on the Captive in Your Direct Mail Campaign

A direct mail piece isn’t as flashy as the bells and whistles of an internet advertisement, but this isn’t necessarily a disadvantage. Direct mail often comes across as more trustworthy to customers than digital ads, likely because it requires more effort to create and send.

You also have a captive audience in front of your piece, one that won’t be distracted by the next email or pop-up ad. You’re giving your customers a reason to slow down and concentrate, and they will take the opportunity to do this if the mail is presented in the correct way.

Now is the time to breakdown the message you’re sending customers. For example, if you’re sending direct mail that’s more involved, such as an Explanation of Benefits, you have a tremendous opportunity to draw the reader in by using everyday language. When you make your materials reader-friendly, the reader has a better chance of understanding how you can help them.

Email is an exceptionally cost-effective way to reach your customers, but its ease and affordability have all added up to a lot of noise out there. When the average person gets 121 emails a day, you can’t rely on a clever subject line anymore. A regular mailbox was never meant to hold that kind of volume, which is why most people still like checking their mailbox to see what they got.

2. Segment Your Lists

Imagine you’ve been looking to take a college-level course in the film for fun. You don’t want to get a degree in film and pursue a life in Hollywood, but you do think it would be interesting to learn how people make captivating movies. If you received a piece of direct mail from an educational institution about how to take one-off classes to better oneself, you’re likely to sit up and take notice.

This kind of precise marketing or Target Marketing is possible when you segment your lists. While most companies separate customers based on demographics and location, you can take it one step further. The most successful businesses will collect and analyze information from a wide variety of sources. For example, they may have customers take an email survey about what exactly they’re looking for from their healthcare or financial planning. Or companies will set up loyalty programs, track customer behavior, and devise promotions that speak to customers on their level.

When you’re segmenting your lists, you can use variable data to improve the quality of your direct mail campaign. This tactic will change the wording and graphics of your direct mail piece without slowing the printing process down. The right print on demand company can not only handle the volume and specificity, but it can also get it done as quickly as possible.

No matter how segmented your lists get, reputable printers have the technology to handle the details. A segmentation strategy all but eliminates the need to come up with a clever slogan or to overspend on paper.

When it comes down to it, the essential element you’re trying to convey to your audience is that you’re a company that can be trusted. When you can speak directly to a customer on their level, you show you’ve done your homework.

3. In Your Direct Mail Campaign -Think Different

Each marketing channel your company uses needs to vary according to several factors while still maintaining cohesion. For example, you might use email as a way to notify patients of their upcoming appointments and direct mail to promote new services.

It’s the color, formatting, and wording that connect your brand to each medium, so the customer still walks away with the right impression of the company.

To do this in such a way that people listen, you may need to break the rules. The most commonly read type of direct mail is the oversized envelope, perhaps because it calls to the recipient to find out what’s inside. Postcards are also high on the list, likely because people can merely glance at the direct mail to understand the takeaway.

Other companies will create dimensional mail in the form of paper boxes, airplanes, etc. These unique pieces of mail catch the eye and win your customers over in spite of themselves. Even the most conservative companies can still be creative with their communications.

For those who want to send more conventional material, you might consider offering recipients an incentive that they won’t receive anywhere else. For example, inviting them to a private event or providing a special discount over direct mail. This can help generate the buzz you need to entice more people to open your communications.

Preferred Direct is a print on demand company that specializes in marketing and branding our clients to their customers. There are so many ways in which companies can take a wrong turn when it comes to direct mail campaigns. Segmentation can undoubtedly come across as helpful, but it may also come across as invasive.

Creativity is certainly recommended, but you don’t want to spend big for folding paper airplanes unless it’s worth the returns.

We’re here to help you find a strategy that works, regardless of your budget, deadlines, or customer volume.

We use inventory control to reduce waste while still leaving enough flexibility in case your plans change. We take advantage of automated solutions that will save you time and money, yet again, provide personal customer service and tailor-made advice.
When it comes to direct mail, you need a printing company that looks out for your brand. We also know our way around compliance laws and ensure that each piece of mail meets all HIPAA and HITRUST restrictions. If you’re looking for a company that can handle some heavy demands and saves you money on the postage, we’ve got you covered.

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7 Tips to Increase ROI on Direct Mail

7 Tips to Increase ROI on Direct Mail

Direct mail can be a very effective marketing tool to reach new customers as well as remind your current customers about your company. We’ve already discussed ways to create effective direct mail pieces. You can read that blog here. Now let’s talk about return on investment (ROI). There are things you can do to boost your response rate on direct mail, and that’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it? What are some extra steps you can take to attract a higher response rate?

Here are 7 tips to track and try to increase your ROI on direct mail:

1. Create a Unique Offer.

Unique offers drive responses. Unique offers can be a percentage off a product or service, a buy one get one free deal, or anything else you can come up with. Make sure your offer is big enough to be enticing, to drive action, and that it’s not the same offer advertised using other mediums. This will give you the chance to provide a unique promo code on your direct mail pieces, which will help you track your responses and ROI.

2. Create a Unique Landing Page, Email Account or Phone Number to Call for Response.

On your direct mail piece, you should refer a customer to respond in a convenient way, whether through a website, phone number or email. The easier it is to redeem an offer from direct mail, the better. To track your ROI, you are going to want to use a unique landing page on your website, a unique email account or a unique phone number to measure responses.

3. Target.

Finding the best target audience for your direct mail campaign is going to help you convert more sales. The more specific the audience, the better. Instead of casting a wide net and spending money on sending direct mail to customers unlikely to buy your product or service, you should send it to people more likely to respond. Is your product or service geared toward homeowners? Males? Females? Higher incomes? Certain zip codes? Create a targeted list of recipients to make your message count the most.

4. Personalize.

Personalize your offer or message to your target audiences. Always address the recipient by name for courtesy and professionalism. Target your special offers for each one of your audiences. For instance, if you are a jewelry retailer you might send a direct mail piece for earrings to a female and cufflinks to a male. Variable data allows different messages and offers to go to different customers. You can learn more about personalizing with variable data by clicking here.

5. Send Follow-up Direct Mail Pieces.

One and done, as the saying goes, has been shown to not be as effective in driving conversions. Make sure you are following up on direct mail campaigns with additional direct mail campaigns. The more times a customer is introduced to your brand and messaging, the more credible your company and offer become and the higher likelihood there is for a response. It’s also a great reminder in case they meant to respond and forgot.


6. Consider Postage and Mailing.

One of the ways to increase ROI is simply to reduce cost. Save on postage by using bulk rates. Direct mail companies can help you determine ways to save money through mailing. Keep in mind, different size direct mail pieces cost different amounts to mail. You will want to balance cost with appeal. For instance, a smaller postcard will cost less to mail but may get lost in the shuffle. Find a balance of appeal to customers and budget, and utilize direct mail companies’ postage discounts.

7. Retarget.

If your direct mail campaign led the potential customer to type in your website url but did not lead to a buy or conversion, you can retarget them. Using online ad campaigns such as Google Adwords remarketing or Facebook ad retargeting, you can reach the customers who have shown interest in your product or service but did not buy. This gives you an even better target group of customers to address in your advertising, because they’ve already shown interest in your company but perhaps they weren’t ready to buy at that particular time. You can also retarget with follow-up direct mail campaigns.

These are just a few options, but there are many other ways to drive conversions and improve response. Work closely with a direct mail company to find individual ways to improve your campaign’s performance.

  • Need help calculating your return on investment (ROI)? To calculate your ROI follow these steps:
  • Figure out how much money was generated from the campaign. You will have needed to track your leads with special promo codes or phone numbers.
  • Add up the costs of your direct mail campaign including graphic design, printing and postage.
  • Subtract the total spent from the total sales made to see how much money you made. Keep in mind that repetition will help to brand your company and achieve better results over time. Make sure to leave a long enough window for tracking response. For instance, tracking 30 days after a campaign ends will give you a better picture of impact than 7 days after a campaign.

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