10 Benefits of Direct Marketing for your Business in 2020

Here are 10 Astounding Benefits of Direct Marketing for your Business

2020 has been labeled to be the year of direct digital marketing. How do these Benefits of Direct Marketing help in these days of electronic marketing? Add to that the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 threat and you’ll find direct marketing to remain a top marketing channel that continues to enable both B2C and B2B corporations to make millions in profits.

If in the past companies used mainly offline direct marketing techniques, such as print ads, TV commercials, billboard marketing, or newspaper ads, today most direct marketing happens online. However, this doesn’t mean that some direct marketing techniques such as direct mail are dead. In fact, direct mail is stronger than ever before. Over 73% of US customers prefer direct mail over other marketing channels.

If you want to gain an edge over your competitors and make the most out of your marketing dollars, you should definitely become aware of the huge benefits of this marketing tactic. However, before getting into that, it is important to look at what actually direct marketing is.

What is Direct Marketing?

To better understand what direct marketing is, you need to understand what indirect marketing is. Indirect marketing includes all the tactics that promote your brand, hoping that people will remember about you. These could be newsletters, blog posts, brand awareness campaigns, or newspaper ads. Conversely, direct marketing is focused on the end customer, with a clear goal of converting them or bringing them deeper into the funnel.

Direct marketing can include a wide range of tactics, both online and offline. Online direct marketing tactics are email marketing, targeted ads, remarketing, or SMS marketing. Offline direct marketing techniques are telemarketing, events, points of sale, or postal mail.

Traits of a Successful Direct Marketing Campaign

Effective direct marketing campaigns have some particular traits. There are:

– Personalized content

– Using clear images that draw the eye, coupled with authentic testimonials

– Leveraging the power of strong, persuasive calls-to-action

– Keeping data fresh

– Integrating direct marketing with other marketing campaigns


Benefits of Direct Marketing for your Business in 2020


  1. Offer the ideal purchase experience: direct marketing allows you to craft an experience for each potential customer, thus maximizing conversion rates. Your customers will feel valued and will be more willing to be guided from the initial discovery stages all the way through the conversion stage of the buyer journey.


  1. Build strong, long-lasting relationships with your customers: all direct marketing campaigns, such as email marketing or remarketing, enable you to build stronger relationships with your clients. Since you’ll be sending your targeted messages to very specific audiences, plus you’ll have the option to build your messages on the previous ones, you’ll be able to nurture your relations with prospects.


  1. Discover new customers: direct marketing allows you to find more customers interested in buying from you. You can thus expand your reach and gain access to a new market willing to buy from you.


  1. Perfect targeting: with direct marketing, including direct mail marketing services, you can target people based on their unique interests and needs. Direct marketing enables you to narrow down your audience and gain access to only those people who are willing to purchase from you.


  1. Quick turnaround: whether you choose an email marketing campaign or a direct mail offline campaign, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to experience an extremely quick turnaround time. Creating email campaigns online is super fast and easy. At the same time, commercial printers offer a very good turnaround time thanks to the advancements in technology. You’ll be able to set up winning campaigns within days and boost your conversion rates like never before.


  1. Advertise specific products, services, or offers: another benefit direct marketing has to offer relates to control. With this technique, you are in control of what information you’re sending out to your prospects. You control the offer and the message, so you can perform multiple A/B tests to determine what your audience really wants from you.


  1. Easy personalization: online, you can use various programs that can personalize the name of a person based on certain criteria. Offline, you can also leverage variable data printing to easily personalize each direct mail you send to prospects. By addressing your recipients by name and by adding certain unique traits they posses will help you connect with them at a deeper level. Variable data printing is an excellent way for easy personalization. Find out more about this topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Variable_data_printing.


  1. Quite cost-effective: when you factor in the return-on-investment, you soon notice that direct marketing is much cheaper than any other marketing technique. Thanks to analytics, you can know exactly how much you are spending on each conversion.


  1. It’s fairly easy to track and measure your results: with direct marketing, you can easily track your progress and test out results to see exactly who is benefiting most from your campaigns. Whether you’re going with online or offline campaigns, you can easily track results. Of course, the analytics is better for online campaigns, because it’s all listed there.


  1. Improve customer loyalty: lastly, direct marketing campaigns, because they are focused, will enable your customers to remember you with ease. Strong campaigns can keep brands and products in the minds of customers. On the other hand, indirect campaigns that are just out there trying to capture the attention of potential customers will never have the impact of a direct campaign in which the customer is directly impacted.


Use the Best Direct Marketing Services for your Brand


Most people check their mailbox several times a day, especially when they are expecting EOBs, collection letters, utility bills, or medical bills. You can make them a pleasant surprise by leveraging the benefits offered by one of the best direct marketing techniques, direct mail.

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