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10 Benefits of Direct Marketing for your Business in 2021

10 Benefits of Direct Marketing for your Business in 2021

Here are 10 Astounding Benefits of Direct Marketing for your Business in 2021

2021 has been labeled to be the year of direct  marketing. Add to that the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 threat of 2020 and you’ll find this type of marketing to remain a top channel that continues to enable both B2C and B2B corporations to make millions in profits.

If in the past companies used mainly offline marketing techniques, such as print ads, TV commercials, billboard marketing, or newspaper ads, today most marketing happens online. However, this doesn’t mean that some direct techniques such as direct mail are dead. In fact, direct mail is stronger than ever before. Over 73% of US customers prefer direct mail over other marketing channels.

If you want to gain an edge over your competitors and make the most out of your marketing dollars, you should definitely become aware of the huge benefits of this marketing tactic. However, before getting into that, it is important to look at what actually direct marketing is.

What is Direct Marketing?

To better understand what direct marketing is, you need to understand what indirect marketing is. Indirect marketing includes all the tactics that promote your brand on a general level. These could be billboards, commercials, newsletters, blog posts, radio ads, google ads, brand awareness campaigns, or newspaper ads. These ads are not personalized to the individual but aim to capture a target audience that share similar interests.

Conversely, direct marketing is focused on the end customer, with a clear goal of converting them or bringing them deeper into the funnel. Direct marketing can include a wide range of tactics, both online and offline. Online  tactics are email marketing, targeted ads, remarketing, or SMS marketing. Offline techniques are telemarketing, events, points of sale, or postal mail.

Traits of a Successful Campaign

direct marketingEffective direct marketing campaigns have some particular traits. There are:

  • Personalized content
  • Using clear images that draw the eye, coupled with authentic testimonials
  • Leveraging the power of strong, persuasive calls-to-action
  • Keeping data fresh
  • Integrated with other marketing campaigns

Benefits of Direct Marketing for your Business in 2021 

#1. Offer the ideal purchase experience: direct marketing allows you to craft a bespoke experience for each potential customer, thus maximizing conversion rates. Your customers will feel valued and more willing to be guided from the initial discovery stages all the way through the conversion stage of the buyer journey. 

#2. Build strong, long-lasting relationships with your customers: all direct campaigns, such as email marketing or remarketing, enable you to build stronger relationships with your clients. Since you’ll be sending your targeted messages to very specific audiences, plus you’ll have the option to build your messages on the previous ones, you’ll be able to nurture your relations with prospects. 

#3. Discover new customers and find more customers interested in buying from you. When you discover one type of engaged buyer, you can research other buyers with similar interests. You can thus expand your reach and gain access to a new market willing to buy from you. 

#4 Perfect targeting: with direct mail marketing services, you can target people based on their unique interests and needs. Direct marketing enables you to narrow down your audience and gain access to only those people who are willing to purchase from you.

HP Digital Printer at Preferred Direct

#5 Quick turnaround: whether you choose an email marketing campaign or a direct mail campaign, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to experience an extremely quick turnaround time. Creating email campaigns online is super fast and easy. At the same time, commercial printers offer a very good turnaround time thanks to the advancements in print-on-demand technology. You’ll be able to set up winning campaigns within days and boost your conversion rates like never before. 

#6. Advertise specific products, services or offers: another benefit this type of marketing has to offer relates to control. With this technique, you are in control of which information you’re sending to which prospects. You control the offer and the message depending on the individual, so you can perform multiple A/B tests to determine what your audience really wants from you. 

#7 Easy personalization: online, you can use various programs that can personalize the name of a person based on certain criteria. Offline, you can also leverage variable data printing to easily personalize each direct mail you send to prospects. By addressing your recipients by name and by adding certain unique traits they posses will help you connect with them at a deeper level. Variable data printing is an excellent way for easy personalization. 

#8. Quite cost-effective: when you factor in the return-on-investment, you soon notice that direct marketing is much cheaper than any other marketing technique. Thanks to analytics, you can know exactly how much you are spending on each conversion. 

#9. It’s fairly easy to track and measure your results: Easily track your progress and test out results to see exactly who is benefiting most from your campaigns. Whether you’re going with online or offline campaigns, you can easily track results. Of course, the analytics is better for online campaigns, because it’s all listed there. 

#10. Improve customer loyalty: lastly, direct campaigns are focused and will enable your customers to remember you with ease. Strong campaigns can keep brands and products in the minds of customers. On the other hand, indirect campaigns that are just out there trying to capture the attention of potential customers will never have the impact of a direct campaign in which the customer is directly impacted. 


Use the Best Services for your Brand

direct mail servicesMost people check their mailing box several times a day, especially when they are expecting EOBs, collection letters, utility bills or medical bills. You can make them a pleasant surprise by leveraging the benefits offered by one of the best direct marketing techniques, direct mail. 

To fully capitalize on the power of direct marketing for your business, you should only work with professionals. At Preferred Direct, we offer a vast range of personalized marketing services, including direct mail, emergency printing, fundraising services, and printing services. We are focused on increasing your ROI and enabling you to make the most out of your budget. 


Contact us today at 1-844-719-1848 and let us help you outsmart your competitors in 2021 and beyond by taking full advantage of Preferred Direct's Print & Mail services.

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How It Works: Commercial Printing with Variable Data Technology

How It Works: Commercial Printing with Variable Data Technology

How It Works: Commercial Printing with Variable Data Technology

Variable data technology allows companies  to target specific customers based on personal preferences, including location, demographics, buying history, and numerous other factors and is one of the keys to planning highly-effective direct mail marketing. It requires attention to detail, the ability to identify and target distinct populations of recipients, specialized equipment, and the coordinated efforts of marketing personnel and printing/mailing specialists dedicated to keeping costs as low as possible. Not all commercial printers have that ability.

Also, specialized expertise is necessary to make targeted direct mail efforts possible. Personalization with Variable data is the key to a direct mail project.

Variable data printing (VDP) represents another step along the marketing continuum. With the ability to personalize the message without making time-consuming adjustments during actual printing, VDP allows text, images, graphics, and colors to be individualized with no slowdown in the process. The extent of personalization can be varied as needed, from recurring name changes to differences dictated by specific interests, buying habits, location, or other variables. The appropriate data is stored in a database file, retrieved as needed, and printed in one seamless operation. Personalization with Variable data is the key to a successful project.


VDP Automation and Its Advantages

VDP has revolutionized direct mail, allowing customers to insert different names, addresses, and messages as desired, and to match each mail piece with a similarly-personalized envelope. VDP has altered the landscape of marketing; any direct mail piece, from a postcard to a multi-page invoice or Explanation of Benefits statement, can be personalized in a variety of ways. Marketing with Commercial Printing with Variable Data is the obvious best plan.

The advantages are multi-faceted. Variable data personalization isn’t limited to names and addresses, geographic regions, or specific wording changes. Graphics, colors, pricing, dates, and additional specifics can be changed and applied to target individual customers or appeal to previously-determined demographics. Personalized mail invariably increases the potential for engagement, helps companies “capture” potential customers, and boosts ROI.

VDP is versatile and almost infinitely customizable, allowing mailings to be more relevant. There is nothing like receiving an envelope in the mail and all text and images are all relative to me and things that are pertinent to me. Although costs may be incrementally higher, the measurable return is also higher. The effectiveness of commercial printing and mailing efforts depends, at least in part, on the sophistication of the printing equipment. At Preferred Direct, we employ the latest technology and state-of-the-art printers that produce high-speed and high-quality variable color or black & white printing ability, along with myriad finishing options.  This can all be accomplished with Print-on-Demand equipment reducing the need for inventory.

An Integrated Approach to Variable Data and Direct Mail

In addition to design and data, delivery is a prime requirement for an effective direct mail effort. Both time and cost are vital considerations. Postage either Presorted Standard or First Class Presort typically represents the most costly item in any direct mail program. At Preferred Direct the best possible postage rate is used for any planned mailing. 

With this kind of attention to detail and an equal emphasis on cost and inventory control, our clients have come to depend on Preferred to provide unmatched service across the whole spectrum of direct mail printing and postage. As an industry leader, we know how to craft the most desirable and practical solutions using variable data. Our client-centric approach helps us “turn on a dime” when asked to respond to changing needs and demands. We can easily alter the specifications of any planned printing using variable data techniques and responsive printing technology. 

Advanced equipment allows us to complete printing projects in record time, whether they employ VDP and matched mail services or not. Our ability and our nationwide reach enable clients to request last-minute adjustments whenever necessary, to reduce inventory, and to respond quickly to new and changing situations. Best solutions are creative, cost-effective, scalable, and repeatable. Also, we work with our clients to determine the best solutions to all printing and mailing needs.

We stay abreast of the news in the field, and we help our clients determine and take advantage of the latest innovations in the realm of direct mail.

How to Craft Targeted Solutions

With expertise honed over three decades in business, we specialize in working with clients in the following industries:

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Municipalities
  • Financial Services
  • Non-Profits
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Insurance
  • Franchises & Agencies
  • Business and Services

We have no desire to design direct mail pieces that add clutter to a mailbox. Instead, our ongoing effort is to work with existing clients and to demonstrate to new clients our ability to produce effective, pertinent, targeted, informative, and eye-catching variable data printed pieces. We believe this approach adds value to commerce, actually gets opened and read, and elicits a favorable response. We are convinced that’s why our clients choose us and continue to use our services. 

Whether you require us to print individualized EOBs, announce an annual fund-raising effort, promote a holiday sale, or provide information for a new class of students, we “have your back” and will work enthusiastically to design a strategy that caters to your specialized needs, acknowledges your goals, respects your stated budgetary constraints and adheres to your deadlines.

Based on our experience, we will, if possible, suggest solutions that can save you time, money, and effort. And we will work with you to refine your lists and individualize your messages or images.

In addition to direct mail, Preferred direct can respond to requests for SMS and Email marketing assistance, and help you target specific customers – “Target Marketing” – and prospects through digital resourcing. Request an estimate today and talk to our team to get started on your next commercial print project with variable data technology.

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What to Look for in a Direct Mail Printer

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Five Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Marketing Print

Five Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Marketing Print

Five Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Marketing Print

direct mail servicesThe value of your marketing print pieces are dependent on both its content and presentation. Anyone can send a brochure or an explanation of benefits, but not every company can make the recipient wake up and take notice. Creative solutions for commercial printing are a way to overcome the saturation that your customers feel on an everyday basis. (This way, your audience doesn’t have to feel as overwhelmed as you do when you’re considering how to create a more effective marketing strategy.)

Some marketers may believe that the physical media they send will only end up tossed in the trash, but contrary to popular opinion, print can still be the best way to talk to your audience. But that doesn’t mean that companies can send direct mail, print posters, or design swag without thinking about the implications of their graphics, words, and choice of media. Preferred Direct has witnessed marketing campaigns succeed and fail based on the creativity of their commercial printing.

If you’re interested in how to extract the most value from your print, we’ll give you both the information and advice you need to get it right.

Why Marketing Print Matters

Commercial printing is the cornerstone for successful marketing today because it has the ability to cut through the virtual noise out there.
There’s no doubt that having a web presence is vital to your business, but with so much content out there, your message can easily lose information in a sea of text and graphics.

Your customers are used to ignoring ads online, but it’s not quite as easy to close out of something that’s in your hands or directly in front of your eyes. If you have a particular message you want to get out, it may even work better as a markting print piece. Instead of having to search for the right keywords or navigate through several sections of the website to find the information, you can say exactly what you want to say in black and white (either proverbially or literally).
Companies can use marketing print in an infinite number of ways today. From new digital technology to improved die-cutting techniques, it would be easier to list the things you can’t do! Once you understand the options available, you can determine how to apply them to nearly any campaign you run. Preferred Direct can show you how to do this without crushing your budget in pieces.

Conservation of both time and money starts with identifying the goals of each campaign. No matter how much you save on printing services, the money you spend won’t be worth it if no one remembers what you have to say. 

Creative Solutions

Here are five creative ways to add some spice into your next marketing print or transactional print piece:
#1. Perforation: Instead of including a separate form, perforate your direct mail and let your customers interact with it a little more. Or score the letter so after they’re finished reading it, they can turn it into an origami swan or paper airplane. To stand up to the US Postal Service, you’ll need a printer that can design mail that can withstand the pressure without complicating the design and functionality of your letter.

#2. Graphic Design: The graphics of your marketing print can include anything from your logo to a sketch of a famous artist. When a picture can tell a thousand words, you typically want the visual components to reveal an easily discernible story.
Another tactic is to include an image that’s intriguing enough to spark the reader’s curiosity about the larger message. A 90-year old graduating from college may be unusual enough for people to stop and pay attention. If you happen to be advertising night classes for adults, this can be just what you need to get them invested.
#3. Bindery: This general service can refer to either the stapling or binding of your materials. If you need commercial printing for a presentation at a major conference, you can use a spiral or loose-leaf binding to give attendees a different way to interact with your company. Considering many professionals are visual learners, the right commercial printing can reinforce and drive home the key points of the presentation. Preferred Direct a man leaning over with his hands on a stack of colored printed materials
You can also use wire-bending for booklets and catalogs. If you want an even more lasting medium, a visually stunning calendar can be inspiring enough for customers to hang up at home or work.

#4. Finishing: Finishing includes die-cuts, collation, creasing, laminating, and gluing. Die-cuts are used to give your direct mail a unique shape. For example, inviting the form of a birthday cake to celebrate your company’s anniversary. Or maybe you want to print out coasters as a way to underscore a person’s transition into retirement. Preferred Direct can help you decide which finishing technique will strike the right chords with your audience.

#5 Inserts: Seeing a little tab peeking out from between an envelope can win customers over in spite of themselves. They may know it’s a marketing ploy, but that little tab presents an itch that nearly demands to be scratched. These kinds of creative inserts can be exact without a lot of time and hassle with the right printer.

Choosing the Right Marketing Print Partner

direct mail servicesThere are so many ways to change up your marketing without changing your brand or voice. If you’re struggling with how to present your ideas, the right printer can be the answer. Preferred Direct has the staff and the experience to help you strike the perfect balance. One of our main specialties is finding ways to bring a little imagination to more traditional businesses, such as insurance and healthcare.

So we know just how important it is to avoid violating HIPAA regulations without letting it slow us down. We print, insert, and mail your explanation of benefits, so customers get what they need.

Our direct mail connects with people on a different level because we take the time to understand both your company and clientele and offer creative ways to engage them. We give you the means to capture people’s limited attention span with marketing print, so you don’t waste a single cent of your marketing budget.

When choosing a commercial printing company, you can count on Preferred Direct to be cost-effective, speedy, and customer-friendly.

Call us toll-free today at 1-844-719-1848 or click here for an online quote.

7 Tips to Increase Direct Mail ROI

7 Tips to Increase Direct Mail ROI

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7 Tips to Increase Direct Mail ROI

7 Tips to Increase Direct Mail ROI

7 Tips to Increase Your Direct Mail ROI

Direct mail ROI should always be a priority for companies choosing this direct marketing channel. Direct mail can be a very effective marketing tool to reach new customers as well as remind your current customers about your company. We’ve already discussed ways to create effective direct mail pieces. You can read that blog here. Now let’s talk about return on investment (ROI). There are things you can do to boost your response rate on direct mail, and that’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it? What are some extra steps you can take to attract a higher response rate?

Direct Mail ROI Tracking Tips

1. Create a Unique Offer. Unique offers drive responses. Unique offers can be a percentage off a product or service, a buy one get one free deal or anything else you can come up with. Make sure your offer is big enough to be enticing, to drive action, and that it’s not the same offer advertised using other mediums. This will give you the chance to provide a unique promo code on your direct mail pieces, which will help you track your responses and ROI.

2. Create a Unique Landing Page, Email Account, or Phone Number to Call for a Response. On your direct mail piece, you should refer a customer to respond in a convenient way, whether through a website, phone number, or email. The easier it is to redeem an offer from direct mail, the better. To track your ROI, you are going to want to use a unique landing page on your website, a google-campaign coded URL, a tracked QR code, a unique email account, or a unique phone number to measure responses.

3. Target. Finding the best target audience for your direct mail campaign is going to help you convert more sales. The more specific the audience, the better. Instead of casting a wide net and spending money on sending direct mail to customers unlikely to buy your product or service, you should send it to people more likely to respond. Is your product or service geared toward homeowners? Males? Females? Higher incomes? Certain zip codes? Create a targeted list of recipients to make your message count the most.

4. Personalize. Personalize your offer or message to your target audiences. Always address the recipient by name for courtesy and professionalism. Target your special offers for each one of your audiences. For instance, if you are a jewelry retailer you might send a direct mail piece for earrings to a female and cufflinks to a male. Variable data allows different messages and offers to go to different customers.

5. Send Follow-up Direct Mail Pieces. One and done, as the saying goes, has been shown to not be as effective in driving conversions. Make sure you are following up on direct mail campaigns with additional direct mail campaigns. The more times a customer is introduced to your brand and messaging, the more credible your company and offer become and the higher likelihood there is for a response. It’s also a great reminder in case they meant to respond and forgot.

6. Consider Postage and Mailing. One of the ways to increase ROI is simply to reduce cost. Save on postage by using bulk rates. Direct mail companies can help you determine ways to save money through mailing. Keep in mind, different size direct mail pieces cost different amounts to mail. You will want to balance cost with an appeal. For instance, a smaller postcard will cost less to mail but may get lost in the shuffle. Find a balance of appeal to customers and budget, and utilize direct mail companies’ postage discounts.

7. Retarget. If your direct mail campaign led the potential customer to type in your website URL but did not lead to a buy or conversion, you can retarget them. Using online ad campaigns such as Google Adwords remarketing or Facebook ad retargeting, you can reach the customers who have shown interest in your product or service but did not buy. This gives you an even better target group of customers to address in your advertising because they’ve already shown interest in your company but perhaps they weren’t ready to buy at that particular time. You can also retarget with follow-up direct mail campaigns.

These are just a few options, but there are many other ways to drive conversions and improve response. Work closely with a direct mail company to find individual ways to improve your campaign’s performance.

business marketingCalculating Your Direct Mail ROI

#1 Figure out how much money was generated from the campaign. You will have needed to track your leads with special promo codes or phone numbers.

#2 Add up the costs of your direct mail campaign including graphic design, printing, and postage.

#3 Subtract the total spent from the total sales made to see how much money you made. Keep in mind that repetition will help to brand your company and achieve better results over time. Make sure to leave a long enough window for tracking response. For instance, tracking 30 days after a campaign ends will give you a better picture of an impact than 7 days after a campaign.

Preferred Direct is a commercial printer and direct mail marketing company providing design, print, targeting, and mailing services. To speak to a project manager call -844-719-1848, or click here for an online quote.

 At Preferred Direct, we make sure to keep your cost down. You will have a project manager who keeps your print jobs on track. Our project managers stay on top of your print jobs and can answer any questions you have along the way. We even provide emergency print services for those fast approaching deadlines. We also provide tracking so you can be assured that your shipment is arriving in a timely manner. Our Xerox Impika® and HP-T240 printers are top-of-the-line machines that print quality materials fast, ultimately saving you time and money. When choosing a commercial printing company, you can count on Preferred Direct to be cost-effective, speedy, and customer-friendly.

Call us toll-free today at 1-844-719-1848 or click here for an online quote.


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How to Save Money on Your Commercial Printing

How to Save Money on Your Commercial Printing

How to Save Money on Your Commercial Printing

There are many ways to save money on commercial printing, but you want to make sure you’re not sacrificing quality over cost. To make sure you have a quality-finished piece that fits your budget, you need a printer with the most up-to-date equipment and technology.

You want:

  • The best-in-class high-resolution print quality
  • To print anything from transactional print jobs to graphic art quality prints.
  • Your choice in paper from uncoated, inkjet matte and silk papers and glossy inkjet coated.
  • Maximum uptime, reduced waste, and reduce production costs.
  • To save money!

Finding ways to save money is at the forefront of many business administrators, so is it really possible for commercial printing to save your company money? The Xerox Impika® (seen below) can, but why should you care about one printer over another? You should when it gives you high quality, at fast speeds and lower costs. That saves you money on your commercial printing!

What does this mean to your company?

A Streamlined Process: It means the best possible return on your investment, you. The entire process of printing transactional statements, A4 booklets, or variable data mail pieces is completely streamlined with maximum uptime, reduce production costs, and reduced waste. Those savings are transferred to your company when the Xerox Impika® is utilized.

Drop On Demand Technology: This further enhances cost savings by only using the amount of ink needed for the commercial print job, no more and no less. This cost saving process does not mean that print quality suffers as a result. Instead, it uses only what is necessary to create the finished product that is needed by the commercial printing customer.

Various Printing Applications: This printer is fast and can handle any transactional, TransPromo, direct mail, or book printing applications.

Personalized, Custom Printing: Variable data has been shown to increase open rates and will set your company apart from your competition. Mailings are personalized from your company’s database and target only the customers desired by your company. Specialized texts and graphics can also be included, and let’s not forget the option for full-color printing. All of these make it easier to read and get your company’s message to your customer base.

 To sum it all up, you want

  • Lower costs
  • Quick turnaround
  • Terrific digital print quality
  • Duplex printing
  • Paper choices
  • And you want it at the best price.

With the Xerox Impika®, you can save money on your commercial printing. It is truly the best choice when it comes to a large print job that your company needs completed quickly, accurately but with excellent print quality.

Preferred Direct was the first to have the Xerox Impika® in the United States. It is important to us that we have the up-to-date technology and equipment to handle your printing needs.  

 At Preferred Direct, we make sure to keep your cost down. You will have a project manager who keeps your print jobs on track. Our project managers stay on top of your print jobs and can answer any questions you have along the way. We even provide emergency print services for those fast approaching deadlines. We also provide tracking so you can be assured that your shipment is arriving in a timely manner. One of our printers is the Xerox Impika®, a top-of-the-line machine that prints quality materials fast, ultimately saving you time and money. When choosing a commercial printing company, you can count on Preferred Direct to be cost-effective, speedy, and customer-friendly.

Call us toll-free today at 1-844-719-1848 or click here for an online quote.

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