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Digital Printing

Preferred Direct offers commercial Digital Printing services as part of its commercial printing options. With digital printing, the image is sent directly to a printer using digital files as opposed to creating a printing plate as in offset printing. Digital printing offers a superior print product that is high quality with a fast turnaround time. Preferred Direct offers black and white or full color digital printing that is of the highest quality.


Digital Printing Print Products

Sending a superior, personalized product to your customers is the key to increasing the response rate for any direct mail program. That’s why Preferred Direct offers you a variety of high quality printing options located within our facility. With large bulk printing jobs, our machines can print at high speeds, saving you time and money. We can print a variety of products for you and at any size, including letters, coupons and envelopes. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your printing and fundraising needs.



Benefits of Digital Printing

  • Lower minimum quantitiesDigital printing
  • For lower quantities, setup costs are lower than offset
  • Faster turnaround time than offset printing
  • Easier and less expensive to make last minute changes
  • File preparation is less complicated
  • Capable of variable data
  • Inexpensive black and white digital printing
  • Xerox Impika®

Digital printing eliminates the need to create a printing plate as with offset printing. This saves time, so on-demand printing and emergency printing can be accomplished. Large, pre-determined print runs are a thing of the past as digital printing offers the option of as little as one print.


Digital printing with variable data

One area in which digital printing differentiates itself from more traditional offset printing is the use of variable data. It is not available with offset printing and is highly impactful in direct mail campaigns. Messages and graphics can be unique and placed on mailed pieces to a target audience. At Preferred Direct, our project manager will work closely with you to provide you print products that are high quality with a fast turnaround time.


Digital print products

Digital printing can be used for almost any type of print product but it excels at the following:

  • Signs and Posters
  • Billing Statements
  • Medical Explanation of Benefits
  • Direct Mail
  • Fine Art Prints
  • Books
  • Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes



Preferred Direct is a nationwide leader in commercial printing, with both a global and national reach. Our state-of-the-art and superior print technology allows us to print and mail high-quality products faster. Preferred Direct is a leader in technology with the USA’s first Xerox Impika® in the United States. We work with companies in all industries.

For all of your Commercial Printing needs, call Preferred Direct today and speak with a project manager to discuss your company’s needs for printing. Give us a call at (757) 461-2730 or Toll Free at 1-844-719-1848