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When mailing out your materials, we can handle all of your postage needs as well. We can apply postage for you, whether it is with first class stamps or ink jetting barcodes and indicias. We can mail your materials any way you prefer. In addition to having them delivered to the post office, we can also have your products packaged together and shipped out. By having us do all your postage applications we are saving you valuable time and money with our bulk discount postage rates. Not only that, we will handle all your mail sorting.

Sorting of mail by zip code can be very time consuming, but we can speed up the process by sorting your provided data file automatically. Additionally, we will do all the necessary paperwork the Post Office requires to process your mail. This speeds up the mailing process as well. Let us take care of your postage so we can save you time and money and have your mail delivered quickly and accurately.