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packaging and fulfillment servicesWhen receiving deliveries in the mail, packaging plays a major part in the presentation of the product. At Preferred Direct we provide various packaging options to suit your fulfillment needs at the best cost for your company. We have a variety of styles and sizes of envelopes and boxes in numerous dimensions. Tubes are also available for large print jobs, such as banners. We take extreme care when mailing and shipping our packages to ensure your mail arrives at its destination in excellent condition. Supplies we offer include bubble-wrap, packing peanuts, shrink wrapping and other fillers.

All mail gets sealed correctly and tightly before it gets mailed or shipped out. When shipping or delivering packages, we make sure our boxes are properly and professionally labeled with the name or code of the contents in the package, the delivery location and any other information you would like to include on there. All of our packaging is completed fast and done cost efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about all our various packaging supplies and how we can best handle your fulfillment shipping.