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Variable Data & Match Mailing


variable data printing and match mailingPreferred Direct offers Variable Data, also known as VDP, as part of our commercial printing services. With Variable Data, we will personalize your company’s direct mail pieces and direct billing statements by using Variable Data. Our advanced equipment garners fast turnaround time on Variable Data print products. We will accurately match mail your Variable Data pieces to envelopes and packaging using our Read to Print Match Data Matrix verification process.


What is Variable Data?

Variable Data is a form of printing in which text and graphics can be changed from one individual print piece to another, without slowing down the printing process. The Variable Data is retrieved from a database file and printed onto each print product, and it is often used to personalize direct mail pieces such as letters, postcards and envelopes. Different names, addresses and messages can be inserted into each mail piece and printed on the envelope to match.

Direct mail pieces aren’t the only print pieces that use variable data. Direct Billing invoices and statements also use variable data.


Why Use Variable Data?

When you personalize your direct mail pieces, your customer engagement is better and more customized to your existing and potential customers. Everything from names to graphics and colors can be targeted to your individual customers. You can even vary offers to different customers based on their demographics/likes/interests. You can also give different offers based on a customer’s spending level. It’s that customized! You can target these customers with individual offers that are more relevant to them. This in turn, not only makes the mail piece more relevant and engaging, but it’s more likely to increase your return on investment (ROI).


Who Uses Variable Data?

Any kind of business and organization can use and benefit from Variable Data Printing, VDP, to communicate with their customers.

  • The healthcare industry can use VDP for medical billing statements and appointment reminders.
  • Retail businesses can use VDP to send out personalized direct mail
  • Financial industries can use VDP to send out personal forms or statements.
  • Insurance carriers can use VDP to target existing customers to advertise additional or bundled products.
  • Businesses can use VDP to send out birthday cards.
  • Colleges and universities can use VDP to target potential students or to send out fundraising information to alumni.


Why Choose Preferred Direct?

As a commercial printer, Preferred Direct places your unique text and graphics into mail pieces quickly, accurately and in high volumes. Our advanced print equipment allows us to print Variable Data at high speeds, so your materials can be mailed out as soon as possible. Our Xerox® Impika® prints VDP at 400 pages per minute in full color.

When sending out large volumes of materials, our staff is very skilled, efficient, and accurate at match mailing your materials. Once your materials are printed, our staff and equipment can match your pieces with the proper envelope or packaging using Read to Print Match verification. Read to Print Match verification uses advanced technology to ensure that when a recipient receives information in the mail, the name, address and any other required information will match both on the outside of the envelope or package and the material located inside. We pride ourselves on accuracy to give you peace of mind that your mailings are done correctly.


Variable Data Printing



Preferred Direct’s Variable Data commercial printing services utilizes high-tech printers like the Konica Minolta C1100 and 1250. This allows us to provide your company with unrivaled performance, superior image quality and an industry-leading output in both color and black and white. With a variety of finishing options including saddle stitching, perfect binding and ring binding, our Variable Data printing is fully customized, fast and accurate with Data Matrix technology. All of these features allow Preferred Direct to perform both small and large quantity printing jobs, making both fast and budget friendly.


Variable data is a very intricate part of our business, and we take pride in our ability to create unique pieces in a fast and accurate way. Call us toll free at 1-844-719-1848 to speak to a project manager about using Variable Data in your print products or click here to request an online quote.

Preferred Direct provides Printing Services, Direct Mail, Direct Billing, Fundraising and Fulfillment Services. If you have a print emergency with a fast approaching deadline, click here to learn about our On-Demand Printing Services.




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