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Electronic Billing is rapidly becoming the newest and fastest way to suit your businesses’ billing needs. It is extremely efficient, secure and environmentally friendly. The secure aspect of E-Billing is the use of a lock box. Businesses can safely set up a lock box with a commercial bank. The business can then collect their funds from the bank’s P.O. box account. The customer gets the benefit of their online bill payment going into a secure location that will keep all their information confidential and the business gets the benefit of prompt payments and the option to have multiple P.O. boxes in different locations so that each payment goes to the closest bank lock box.

Preferred Direct takes your information and generates bills for E-Billing in a timely, accurate and confidential manner, then submits them electronically to your customers. We can use either a template you provide or create a statement suited especially to your specifications. Once the form is completed for submission, we can insert each of your customer’s individual names, addresses,billing information, account numbers, or any other wide range of information needed for your business.