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Direct Billing

Commercial Printing Direct Billing Statement

Preferred Direct provides professional direct billing services to businesses and organizations saving them both time and money. Businesses of all types rely on our ability to generate their billing statements through a variety of options. We service many different industries including Healthcare, Insurance Carriers, Financial Services, Colleges and Universities and Business and Services Industries.


Direct Billing

At Preferred Direct, your project manager will work with you to guarantee fast, efficient, accurate and confidential processing of your information for direct billing. From medical billing services, e-billing, transpromo marketing and invoicing for all types of businesses, your company’s direct billing will be completed in a timely and professional manner.

Call us today to discuss your company’s unique printing needs. Call toll free 1-844-719-1848. For a fast quote, click here to fill out our form. Someone from Preferred Direct will contact you to discuss your printing job.


Your Template or Ours!

Our staff can create forms and statements, or we can use your template to fill in all of your data fields. We can easily merge your data using our variable data technology and have your statements prepared fast and accurately. Simply contact our friendly staff today for additional information! 757-461-2730 or our toll free number 1-844-719-1848.

Why choose Preferred Direct for your direct billing needs?

Preferred Direct’s direct billing services saves you time and money. We are:

  • Confidential
  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Well-equipped
  • Flexible
  • and Green

We provide options. We can bill customers through invoices by mail or e-billing. Call us to find out more. 757-461 2730


What kind of direct billing services do we provide?

Statement Generation

Businesses and municipalities of all types rely on us to generate their billing statements. Whether it’s city water bill invoices, medical billing services or revolving charge accounts for retailers, Preferred Direct can handle your statement generation needs. Click here to learn more.

Commercial Printing e-billinge-Billing Services

Electronic billing services is a fast and new way to fulfill business billing needs. We can set up e-billing for your business by either using a template you provide or by creating custom statements. Then we securely email it to your customers with their personalized information. Click here to learn how e-billing works and why it is secure.

Transpromo Marketing

Add advertising messages to your billing statements with transpromo marketing. Text or graphics can be used to advertise sales, events or additional services. Customers may not open all mail advertisements, but they do open their bills. This gives transpromo marketing an advantage over traditional direct mail marketing, and it can put the advertising messages in front of thousands of potential customers . Click here to learn more about transpromo marketing.

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