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Main Services

As a nationwide commercial printing company, Preferred Direct provides direct marketing services with national and global reach.

From 10,000 pieces to over 1 million pieces, we are equipped to service even the largest companies with our superior print technology, which allows us to print and mail high-quality products faster. We specialize in helping you maximize your return-on-investment on direct marketing efforts. We provide printing services, direct mail services, fundraising and non-profit marketing, fulfillment services and direct billing services.

Your Preferred Direct project manager will work with you from design to fulfillment to produce your completed product. Preferred Direct LaserMaxWe serve many industries including: healthcare, insurance carriers, financial services, colleges & universities, and business & service industries.

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Main Services


We offer both digital printing and offset printing services with a wide range of binding and finishing options to give your project a polished and professional look. We handle all projects with extreme care for quality assurance.

Our printing services include:

Our advanced print technology allows us to print high quality, high-resolution products in a fast, flexible and affordable way.  Preferred Direct is the only printing company in the United States with a Xerox® Impika®. The Impika® prints up to 416 feet per minute, is an adaptable full color print platform, and can print variable data. Our Lasermax Roll Systems finishes the job, getting it ready to ship or mail.


Preferred Direct fulfillment services warehousingFulfillment Services

Our experienced staff has the capability to assemble even the most complex fulfillment packages. We will manage your inventory levels, track responses and provide clear documentation of the entire process.



Our fulfillment services include:


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We manage fundraising campaigns for your non-profit organization by creating mailing lists and designing, printing and mailing your fundraising materials.

Our fundraising and non-profit marketing services include:


Direct MailPreferred Direct Postage and metering

Direct mail services is one of the best forms of marketing to get your message across to a broad range of targeted recipients. Businesses rely on direct mail marketing to reach their targeted customers quickly and accurately. Direct mail encompasses everything from mailing list services, printing, personalization, assembly and delivery.

Our direct mail marketing services include:


Direct Billing

Businesses rely on our ability to generate their billing statements through a variety of options, including invoicing, e-billing, and transpromo marketing. We guarantee fast, efficient, accurate and confidential processing of your variable data and information.

Our direct billing services include:

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Emergency Services

Do you have billing statements, flyers or other direct mail products that need to go out immediately? Our high-speed printers can take care of last-minute emergency needs. If your facing a looming deadline, call us today, and a project manager can walk you through the steps for fast turnaround. Call now! 757-461-2730

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  • Flyers
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Preferred Direct is a nationwide leader in commercial printing, with both a global and national reach. Our state-of-the-art and superior print technology allows us to print and mail high-quality products faster. Preferred Direct is a leader in technology with the USA’s first Xerox Impika® in the United States. We work with companies in all industries.

For all of your Commercial Printing needs, call Preferred Direct today and speak with a project manager to discuss your company’s needs for printing. Give us a call at (757) 461-2730 or Toll Free at 1-844-719-1848